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Ghanshyam Mann bfce1f219b Change Review merge policy from two +2 to single +2 requirement
Now a days, Tempest does not have much active core reviewers due
to that merging the incoming code change is taking too much time.

As you can see we have lot of backlogs in open review ~400

If situation improve in future and we have more Core review
then we can change the policy back to two +2 requirement.

Discussion in QA office hour:

Change-Id: Ic005de3e56cb4fde9cfce183ee598c7e9f77f464
2 years ago
Zuul 1d11c5d696 Merge "Add 'single core approve' policy for plugins sanity jobs failure" 4 years ago
Ghanshyam Mann 2096631932 Add 'single core approve' policy for plugins sanity jobs failure
We discussed in Denver PTG[1] to make plugins
sanity jobs as voting which will help to mantain
the active plugins and blacklist the faulty plugins.

But when we get faulty plugins this job which will
be voting after
can block the Tempest gate. So adding the process of
single core approve policy for mergin the patches which
will fix or remove the faulty plugins to unblock the gate.

[1] L196

Change-Id: Id38e6270ac1bae8ba63761f9bab6f1e5d0a2252b
4 years ago
caoyuan 349ba75410 Replace URLs with URLs
Thorough replacement of and URLs
with their counterparts.

Change-Id: I88e894db7b854d32593c770f5aa9b8a91fad7866
4 years ago
Felipe Monteiro 6fe405dc61 Update REVIEWING docs with fast-track approval process
This patch set follows through on discussion related to fast
tracking changes in Tempest that are required to unblock other
project gates. So, the "When to approve" section of the REVIEWING
documentation has been expanded to include a fast track
provision: that 1 core reviwer can +2 a change and approve it,
provided that the core reviwer belonging to the project with
the failing gate +1's the change, too.

Change-Id: Iafb9de650cd79b3c72b03e20690dd80a95308b5b
5 years ago
Felipe Monteiro a7365ae219 fix: Re-clarify unit test REVIEWING documentation
This patch set corrects some misleading documentation under "Unit
Tests" section in REVIEWING.rst.

It currently claims that service clients do not require unit test
coverage -- but this is false. This is because Tempest now places
all of its service clients in tempest.lib. And as per it
is required to add unit tests for all service client interfaces.

Thus this makes the documentation language clear that service clients
require unit tests.

Change-Id: Iac6ba71496e20b6724a6a2ca4ec2beb42f2a58c8
5 years ago
Felipe Monteiro f89ab81c38 docs: Add information on test removal/interop to REVIEWING
This patch set adds information on test removal, relocation,
renaming to REVIEWING because it is important that such
actions do not break interop. Interop is closely tied to
Tempest because it directly references Tempest tests that
are not only expected to exist, but to also work.

The same is true of breaking blacklist/whitelist
references to Tempest tests, this is also included
in the new documentation section.

It is important that there be REVIEWING guidelines
in place to assist reviewers understand this importance.
Also references are included for defcore/interop to help
users find more information on these topics.

Currently interop is only mentioned in 1 place in Tempest [0]
and yet there is little information about it. This patchset
aims to make it easier to find more information about it
for reviewers and users alike.


Change-Id: Ifbde674b42355077fcd8daa07be8be1248b77b0f
5 years ago
Chang Liu 18610f9c54 Fix a plural mistake REVIEWING.rst
Reviewing the REVIEWING.rst of tempest,
I noticed a plural mistake.
The word "APIs" is plural and it shouldn't add 'a' in the front.
And there is an extra "that" before "which".
So I fix it.

Change-Id: I84d81f44314feadaebfcd4a834f854364328593b
5 years ago
Masayuki Igawa b78b923e5a Fix indentation in docs
This commit fixes indentation in tempest docs. These indentations are
not necessary and it causes a weird html outputs.

Change-Id: I9c8714558a3327b7ad0b0ab0d3fdc7e770c3c75b
6 years ago
davyyy ac670dce6d Update URL from "http" to "https"
Most of them can still be visited through http, but the following
one is necessary to update, so I change them all by this chance.

 $ git clone

Change-Id: I2b4da0670b599666e7151bddfff0fa6655640bc4
6 years ago
Jenkins c7a403debd Merge "Doc: fix markups, capitalization and add 2 REVIEWING advices" 6 years ago
chenxing e98720a22f Update the documention for doc migration
Change-Id: Ie6d322d1b9c93118af7c74986993010b9f4b76b2
6 years ago
Jordan Pittier 74a56aba03 Doc: fix markups, capitalization and add 2 REVIEWING advices
I've been reading our entire documentation to see where it could
be improved. It's guide good actually. While reading I've fixed
some typos, added some capitalization to project names, mostly
trivial stuff.

What's worth reviewing is the 2 paragraphs I added to the REVIEWING

Change-Id: I977de335119f4ff7b9aedcfbed31c264ed531ea8
6 years ago
Jenkins 5d4f9cd5d5 Merge "Add deprecated code review guideline" 7 years ago
Jordan Pittier f6a0b5e372 Reviewing guideline: ask for CRD when new test+feature flag
To make sure that we don't accept new test that never gets executed.

Change-Id: I24435e575c9488c04a38e26719d5d4cfa29d7c27
7 years ago
Masayuki Igawa 4661706f68 Add deprecated code review guideline
This commit adds a deprecated code review guideline. We have some
deprecated code (e.g. stress test) now. And we sometimes wonder whether
we should review a patch for deprecated code or not. So this patch tries
to clear up the situation.

Change-Id: I188cd9fccae9396b143fa85071387e8a5bb5f3d1
7 years ago
Matthew Treinish b786dcae6c
Add section on release notes to reviewing doc
This commit adds a brief section about ensuring release notes are
present to the reviewing doc. This should hopefully make it more
clear to reviewers when we need to include release notes.

Change-Id: I0815b9c24f6ec9e384b1657c94ed387d0d748392
7 years ago
Masayuki Igawa 1608cc0950 Fix Review Checklist URL
This commit fixes the Review Checklist URL. The page has been move to
the OpenStack Infra Manual.

Change-Id: Ieca7a9aca8fd13187533c2a6c7c8b0ff32ff80a3
7 years ago
Matthew Treinish 13a1ed668a
Add docs section on config options to reviewers guide
This commit adds an additional section to the reviewers guide to
elaborate on the policy around configuration options. We already
documented part of it in the plugin interface documentation, but this
should make the policy around it a bit more clear.

Change-Id: Ied2d7b3298d613b7e986b31fd0a08ad7c73afa3b
8 years ago
Matthew Treinish f45ba2e604
Cleanup tempest docs a bit
This commit fixes a few things in the tempest docs. First it fixes all
of the sphinx warnings and enables fail on warn to ensure we're using
valid sphinx everywhere. It also adds a link from the configuration
guide to the sample config file.

Change-Id: I3ad645a6bbfa46b4498e1732410743e46d6eb0cb
8 years ago
Matthew Treinish 550788819a Add a test documentation section to the docs
This commit adds a new section the HACKING and REVIEWING docs. It
explains the guidelines around inline documentation when
contributing new tests.

Change-Id: Ib56723d0c748baf41439975102d1363f81085f50
9 years ago
Matthew Treinish 16dd51b50f Add REVIEWING.rst
This commit adds a file to outline what to look for as a tempest code

Change-Id: I945469842183d0e5022cd41f823d4892adff333f
9 years ago