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gaobin af6d18aa0c Transfer respository to repository
Change-Id: I3f0eec47d1e6c9309cfcedf7cb50f15dd6a374f6
5 years ago
David Rabel 0a83c71252 Fix indentation in README.rst
Old indentation was wrongly interpreted as quotation.

Change-Id: I358bceda64ee671e5e07d74ec66a7658ac382dec
5 years ago
Masayuki Igawa 989f911cd7
Fix directory tree appearance in document
This commit fixes the directory tree appearance in document. It looks
like that the original rst line blocks don't work in the current
renderer. As a result, the directory structure is a little difficult to
understand. So, this commit use a literal block instead of that as a
quick fix.

Change-Id: I897cec40cc1ee5ead50997e75c474e1f78ee763e
6 years ago
Jordan Pittier 74a56aba03 Doc: fix markups, capitalization and add 2 REVIEWING advices
I've been reading our entire documentation to see where it could
be improved. It's guide good actually. While reading I've fixed
some typos, added some capitalization to project names, mostly
trivial stuff.

What's worth reviewing is the 2 paragraphs I added to the REVIEWING

Change-Id: I977de335119f4ff7b9aedcfbed31c264ed531ea8
6 years ago
Jordan Pittier 2e7ae7c6e5 Remove the Stress framework
It's not used anymore. There was general consensus in Feb 2016
to deprecate it (see [1]) and remove it in Newton.

[1]  [qa] deprecating Tempest stress framework

Change-Id: Ib229985ea2a1fee495c9492c9ce1781e6bac1dc6
7 years ago
guo yunxian a221647416 Deprecate meaningless TYPE
As one patch described, Tempest has dropped XML support and the
TYPE becames meaningless. There are still a few TYPE needs to be
deprecated, this patch does this.
Related Change-Id: I85f088700145930fb43e400394dc6c470d5ed867

Change-Id: I8a2e21d6c87a58b0335dbc66bb5a242953dfbd14
7 years ago
Matthew Treinish 42d69512d9
Remove the ec2 api tests from tempest
With the introduction of tempest plugins we can now remove the third
party tests for the ec2 api using boto. They've always been the ugly
duckling in tempest (except that it never turned into a swan) where
they go against some of the fundamental principles of tempest tests.
For exaple, like having it's own client implementation, oh and testing
OpenStack APIs. This patch removes all the pieces of the third party
test dir and deprecates all the config options related to boto. A
plugin implementation is being worked [1] that can be used to fill
the coverage hole left by removing these from the tempest tree


Change-Id: Ib5e24e19bcba9808a9f49fe7f328668df77fe4f9
8 years ago
Matthew Treinish f45ba2e604
Cleanup tempest docs a bit
This commit fixes a few things in the tempest docs. First it fixes all
of the sphinx warnings and enables fail on warn to ensure we're using
valid sphinx everywhere. It also adds a link from the configuration
guide to the sample config file.

Change-Id: I3ad645a6bbfa46b4498e1732410743e46d6eb0cb
8 years ago
Matthew Treinish 464d287f5b
Remove CLI testing once and for all
The cli tests have been marked for removal for ~6 months and the
framework was the first thing included in tempest lib. There has
been more than enough time for all the projects to pick this up
in the client repos. So let's remove it all!

As part of this a couple of missing entries for tempest's
requirements.txt were found. These dependencies were being installed
by the clients so the fact they were missing was never noticed prior
to this. This commit also adds these missing entries back into the
requirements file.

Change-Id: I4f8638f1c048bbdb598dd181f4af272ef9923806
8 years ago
ghanshyam 50f1947484 Fix doc for usage of python clients in scenario tests
Scenario tests has been migrated from official python clients to
Tempest clients.
Documents for the same needs to be fixed.

This patch fix the README & HACKING file for above changes.

This patch also extends hacking rule of not import python clients
for scenario tests too.

Change-Id: Ieb19a2c0b09f00fb3d4f6c7c73541275a4cf24ae
9 years ago
Matthew Treinish 817a8087bd Add unit test section to the field guide index
The unit tests are another class of tests in tempest, but they were
excluded from the field guide index. This commit adds a section at the
bottom of the index for the unit test field guide.

Change-Id: I0f081c7a94bca46322381f8a5d28d7cadf334bbc
9 years ago
Matthew Treinish a9aef878f0 Add links to the field guide index
This commit takes the subsection summary in the field guid index
and adds internal links to the field guide page. Previously when
viewing the field guide docs it wasn't clear how to navigate between
all the different test class pages, this is remedied by adding a link.

Change-Id: Ica93a92c57e5d5d805a8b25d7c7e17509695152b
9 years ago
Marc Koderer a58e851bd3 Adjust stress test documentation
Be more concrete about the stress test framework capabilities.

Change-Id: Ic331e47ffa0512179429176579f1e4a6caa82dfc
9 years ago
Matthew Treinish de8378b65b Remove Whitebox tests
This commit removes the whitebox tests from tempest. The proper place
for this type of testing is in nova unit tests not in tempest.

Fixes bug 1222852

Change-Id: I0fac7b030c51985f9d6d93129bf9bab75c18cd11
10 years ago
Attila Fazekas 58d23301ba Fixing man page generation
The man page generation failed with sphinx v1.1.3
and docutils 0.10 and 0.11.

Adding docutils==0.9.1 to the test-requirements.txt
in order to solve this issue.

The docutils==0.9.1 is on the common OpenStack dependency list.

Several doc creation warning and error also fixed by this change.

Change-Id: Icb412876f5a989e6b8aa4886f2a246127a76521a
10 years ago
Xiao Hanyu a4036d123f Fix a doc indentation bug.
Change-Id: I42ca63baa414e6bd6ccc1ab30ed697b09c18d0a6
10 years ago
ravikumar-venkatesan bae88e12a7 Fixed Typos
Change-Id: I427e167f988e03499dfb7b75c1dbcf3128bb0eef
10 years ago
Jenkins ee87324c00 Merge "update docs for consistency" 10 years ago
Sean Dague 7679b488ed update docs for consistency
adjust the index file to be more readable for the field guide

adjust titles to make more sense when displayed in top level index

change theme to 'nature', which is closer to the openstack default
style. Will eventually write our own style here.

Change-Id: I4f5fed65f9e26a4e4d333b1be4ed02c9ec246b9a
10 years ago
Giampaolo Lauria 0fed11e884 Update README file
Remove no longer necessary TODO statements

Change-Id: Ifa54d9e4cc54dd30bd55a742015b74db38250c4c
10 years ago
Sean Dague b56052b475 initial seed for tempest doc directory
This is a first bit of experiment to get a doc tree for tempest
that will publish our doc content to the web as part of a larger
QA doc guide.

Update some of the base READMEs to be a little more accurate,
now that we're going to be pushing them to the web.

Added tox [venv] to ensure that docs get built

Change-Id: Id54e8fbc1d884525087630106e17b37dc1206cc9
10 years ago
Sean Dague 09761f63c8 move boto tests to thirdparty directory - part 1
this is part one of the boto refactor, there are still some
shared base classes (and the ec2 & s3 clients are added to every
test case still), however this gets the front end of the boto
runs moved to the thirdparty directory.

3rdparty in the proposal had to become thirdparty in implementation
as python doesn't like modules that start with numbers. Oh well.

We continue to run these tests as part of normal runs by adding
them to the tox.ini file.

Part of bp:tempest-repo-restructure

Change-Id: I30df582a3183453f6c7b36b1ea6857195e953950
10 years ago
Sean Dague 31a57adccc proposal for tempest directory restructure
This is the text of a proposal for tempest directory restructure,
largely coming out of OpenStack summit. Once this has gotten core
sign off, I'llstart implementing the refactors into those
directories, and each will have a more specific README explaining
good tests in that kind of environment.

This proposal doesn't attempt to layout structure for tests we
don't have yet, this is entirely about organizing what we have into
something easier to understand. It is assumed new classes of tests
will get proposed over time, and we'll take them as they come.

Part of bp:tempest-repo-restructure

Change-Id: Ib8c55602b085622d322676ba2c24d9719fb9737d
10 years ago