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Andrea Frittoli (andreaf) 6d4d85ab70 Service Clients registration interface for plugins
Add a new registration interface to service_clients.
Add a new optional method to the plugin interface, that exposes
the plugin service client registration details.

Tests in plugins can initialise service_clients with parmaters
common to their service clients and other ones they may need.
Parameters specific to their service clients are passed via the
registration interface, and can be overwritten at any time
by passing extra parameters at client init time.

Partially-implements: bp client-manager-refactor
Change-Id: I2d99aaa317b0d21c0968dd25b21c4ba9088136fb
7 years ago
Marc Koderer 173fc06461 Add initial unit test for tempest plugins
Add test for get_plugin_load_tests_tuple()

Partially implements bp external-plugin-interface

Change-Id: If441e4877f60c1b7e9a59692e7579b1c16e84c9d
8 years ago