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Jordan Pittier 74a56aba03 Doc: fix markups, capitalization and add 2 REVIEWING advices
I've been reading our entire documentation to see where it could
be improved. It's guide good actually. While reading I've fixed
some typos, added some capitalization to project names, mostly
trivial stuff.

What's worth reviewing is the 2 paragraphs I added to the REVIEWING

Change-Id: I977de335119f4ff7b9aedcfbed31c264ed531ea8
6 years ago
Matthew Treinish 817a8087bd Add unit test section to the field guide index
The unit tests are another class of tests in tempest, but they were
excluded from the field guide index. This commit adds a section at the
bottom of the index for the unit test field guide.

Change-Id: I0f081c7a94bca46322381f8a5d28d7cadf334bbc
9 years ago
Matthew Treinish a9aef878f0 Add links to the field guide index
This commit takes the subsection summary in the field guid index
and adds internal links to the field guide page. Previously when
viewing the field guide docs it wasn't clear how to navigate between
all the different test class pages, this is remedied by adding a link.

Change-Id: Ica93a92c57e5d5d805a8b25d7c7e17509695152b
9 years ago
Masayuki Igawa c268dd6beb Add 'Field' to the title of the Field Guides
In several field guides, the title doesn't have 'Field'.
This causes inconsistency in the tempest documentation.
This commit adds 'Field' word to the field guides.

Change-Id: I0379442da59f66b1f5a0e755e5383c56b2a46688
10 years ago
Matthew Treinish 32d3570c18 Add unittest framework + tests for wrapper scripts
This commit adds a framework for running unittests on tempest to
verify that tempest works as expect. The first tests added are to
verify the response codes of the test runner wrapper scripts we use
on jenkins jobs.

Change-Id: If8e91238054593999e7b5bc34da499bd0ac02311
10 years ago