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zhufl 66275c2496 Set max_microversion 2.35 for nova image tests
1. The compute images API is deprecated from the Microversion 2.36,
       so we should set max_microversion = '2.35' for compute image tests.
    2. Compute image_create is not deprecated.
    3. In testcases other than those in compute/images, we can simply
       change to use glance images_client, which will also work before
       microversion 2.35.


Implements blueprint: clear-deprecated-api

Change-Id: I7a40d26449a361f0e3ec922ac41a7c522b572803
5 years ago
compute Set max_microversion 2.35 for nova image tests 5 years ago Add unit tests for BaseV2ComputeTest.create_image_from_server 6 years ago