Matthew Treinish c8a39b488b
Stop gating on sample generation check
This removes the check on in tree sample generation to ensure the file
matches the config options. However, to counter the loss of the in-tree
the tempest init command will now automatically generate a new sample
config in the local etc dir when run. This will include all of the oslo
options that were previously included in the in-tree sample file.
Additionally, the docs now contain the complete text of the generated
sample output. These also get published on docs.openstack.org on each
commit to tempest. Between this 2 alternatives there shouldn't be a need
to keep the file in tree anymore, especially given the weekly headaches
with new oslo releases changing the config option help breaking the job.

Change-Id: Ie3bc368329d240ca9604cc2f9b2cac544b3ee715
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2015-08-04 11:00:11 -04:00
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