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# Changes that run through devstack-tempest-ipv6 are likely to have an impact on
# the devstack part of the job, so we keep devstack in the main play to
# avoid zuul retrying on legitimate failures.
- hosts: all
- orchestrate-devstack
# We run tests only on one node, regardless how many nodes are in the system
- hosts: tempest
- setup-tempest-run-dir
- setup-tempest-data-dir
- acl-devstack-files
# Verify the IPv6-only deployments. This role will perform check for
# IPv6 only env for example Devstack IPv6 settings and services listen
# address is IPv6 etc. This is invoked before tests are run so that we can
# fail early if anything missing the IPv6 settings or deployments.
- ipv6-only-deployments-verification
- run-tempest