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Mark Goddard 2c2c8b9504 Fix CI failures
* new ansible-lint complaints
* clamp ansible-lint to <7
* tox 4 support
* switch to CentOS NFV Open vSwitch repository for OVS - rocky 9 RDO install was failing
* switch from Kayobe CentOS stream 8 to Rocky Linux 9 and Ubuntu Jammy
  jobs - these are the current supported distros in Kayobe master

Change-Id: Ic607ccccc866da65c100053bfa15ee141a98679e
2023-05-18 09:24:55 +01:00
Zuul 1c0e259c66 Merge "[CI] Name the Debian version" 2022-09-15 10:11:31 +00:00
Zuul fd66eb499b Merge "[CI] Ignore .ansible-lint in the main jobs" 2022-09-15 10:11:30 +00:00
Zuul b1c2b99cc9 Merge "[CI] Gate on CentOS Stream 9 and Rocky Linux 9" 2022-09-15 08:51:14 +00:00
Radosław Piliszek 3b2a730a8b Use Yoga branch of Kayobe for gating CI job (p2)
Follow-up to I2f0c4248138d29d37138d0747d7882ccc3015a6d which did
not fix the gate definition.

Change-Id: I8779976ef26a1784a34331dc29ad8f8d18c1263c
2022-09-14 11:40:12 +00:00
Mark Goddard 84d3147e18 Use Yoga branch of Kayobe for gating CI job
Change-Id: I2f0c4248138d29d37138d0747d7882ccc3015a6d
2022-09-13 09:29:56 +01:00
Radosław Piliszek e6166ed647 [CI] Name the Debian version
To align it with other distros, make it clear which one is tested,
and allow for adding more.

Change-Id: Ie6fb90f23676a7053e372859b07ed10a4eae670d
2022-09-10 11:20:48 +00:00
Radosław Piliszek 7f8b1c70c8 [CI] Ignore .ansible-lint in the main jobs
They do not care about its config.

Change-Id: I6d2d118441136445a344911c02b8c7d2afc589a1
2022-09-10 11:14:37 +00:00
Radosław Piliszek a76929cb88 [CI] Gate on CentOS Stream 9 and Rocky Linux 9
It seems their gating was missed in [1].

[1] If36eaeb518828778490a1599f93792c82c189bb6

Change-Id: I2f37691a28b7f1550dbfc6fc2a085435e526ac22
2022-09-09 20:41:46 +00:00
Michal Nasiadka f34703d297 Add support for EL9
Needs crb repo enablement for python3-wheel package, added rockylinux-9 jobs.

Change-Id: If36eaeb518828778490a1599f93792c82c189bb6
2022-09-06 10:11:40 +00:00
Bartosz Bezak d92c731aa2 Add Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy support.
CI and docs updated - openstack-tox-py310 and Jammy tenks jobs.

libzmq5 added as a dependency of vbmc/zmq

Change-Id: Ibf0ca87bc86152953650e7ef8384e5c839d7a8bc
2022-07-26 16:57:19 +02:00
Bartosz Bezak d7312db645 [CI] Drop Python 3.7 job. Fix ansible-lint errors.
Two changes to fix CI:
- Drop Python 3.7 job as Victoria is in extended maintenance now [1][2]
- Name tasks to fix 'unnamed-task' ansible-lint errors


Change-Id: I7324467e54deda1a05063cfa1b52a276f7622442
2022-07-26 10:45:19 +02:00
Mark Goddard 66f0066273 Use Yoga upper constraints to avoid Python version conflict
Requirements upper constraints bumped python-novaclient to version
18.0.0 [1], which requires Python 3.8 [2]. This results in failures when
installing python-openstackclient on CentOS and Rocky with Python 3.6.

    ERROR: Cannot install python-openstackclient==5.8.0 because these package versions have conflicting dependencies.

    The conflict is caused by:
        python-openstackclient 5.8.0 depends on python-novaclient>=17.0.0
        The user requested (constraint) python-novaclient===18.0.0

Work around this issue by using yoga upper constraints until we upgrade
to CentOS Stream 9 and Rocky Linux 9.


Change-Id: I802b206199b06cfa1983f6f07f195660dd7d86ad
2022-05-26 11:35:16 +01:00
Julia Kreger 26cec85434 CI: Removing tenks job queue
Please see:

Change-Id: I54e3b2053b6681f117306b7e8576178e890f71f1
2022-05-19 11:23:04 -07:00
Radosław Piliszek d178655657 Add Debian support
With CI and docs updates.

Debian 11 requires a newer Ansible so this change bumps its

Change-Id: I814933563c6e34d63d1b31ef01bba30b031fd7a0
2022-03-02 10:26:12 +01:00
Mark Goddard e86b46cb7d CI: switch Ubuntu jobs to Focal 20.04
Change-Id: Ied3bf8015bab969b209a0c15a801545d456af9ef
2022-02-23 18:17:48 +00:00
Radosław Piliszek d25067dd1a [CI] Optimise irrelevant files
Certain files need not trigger extra jobs.

Also ensure special chars are properly escaped (regexp syntax).

Change-Id: I32cb7f4fcf0cabba49adc3d73cbe42d9db9d0150
2022-02-21 19:23:29 +01:00
Mark Goddard fc1b42c60d Support UEFI boot mode
Adds support for using UEFI boot mode for nodes. This is done via node
capabilities, as it is in Ironic.

The default boot mode is now configurable via the default_boot_mode
variable. The default boot mode remains legacy BIOS for now, although
this may change.

Updates the existing CI jobs, with the OVS jobs using BIOS boot mode,
and the linuxbridge jobs using UEFI boot mode.


Change-Id: Ifaf95ecfd4f6e925d3c69d4b324fdf2cd6b0ca52
2022-02-08 10:52:28 +00:00
Takashi Kajinami 7331ccfef2 Migrate jobs from CentOS 8 to CentOS 8 Stream
CentOS 8 is being removed from CI because of its EOL[1].


Change-Id: I2b7d1bdea7fffc5a54a033f59444251b929807c5
2022-01-12 10:08:41 +09:00
Ghanshyam Mann a6f7b2ed72 Test all supported python version
As tenks is branchless which means same
master code is run on stable branches too, let's test it
with all the python version supported in those stable branches.

For that, we need to explicitly add the python jobs instead of using
the release specific job template. This way, we will explicitly know
that we are testing all supported python versions and do not remove the
older py version testing when the new release template bumps the min python
version like done in Yoga.

In Yoga testing, we are making py3.9 job to run as voting, so
adding py3.9 job as voting.

Change-Id: I1e9bbc75703f94acda0bddf0a2e43e835eb80cf0
2021-11-25 09:10:21 +00:00
Riccardo Pittau 4557c983ca Use victoria tests
Change-Id: I69073727023c6c6f5f4d1165750bb00ae7295bd6
2020-09-01 11:22:47 +02:00
Mark Goddard ddbec7dd73 Drop CentOS 7 jobs
Python 2 is no longer supported, and therefore neither is CentOS 7.

Change-Id: I7ee665cc5868ba7069dc02255c2777e6f62586ae
2020-05-04 15:20:01 +02:00
Mark Goddard ced8a4a528 Support linux bridge in addition to OVS
While OVS was used initially due to availability of a
networking-generic-switch driver for it, Linux bridge can be useful for
environments where OVS is not available.

This is configured via bridge_type variable. It defaults to
'openvswitch', but may be set to 'linuxbridge'.

Change-Id: I750a73cebc743edcbcd8c23c67e4920d0058bead
2020-03-13 11:12:37 +00:00
Mark Goddard f2560ae00f CI: Switch to kayobe-overcloud-centos8
CentOS 7 jobs will soon be dropped from Kayobe. Time to switch.


Change-Id: Ib04300c5e2a9f3f81c18c57b81881fdff3436c7a
2020-03-11 17:12:30 +00:00
Mark Goddard 042fcb4754 CentOS 8 support
* Support Python 3
* Use Open vSwitch from Delorean master in CI
* Add a tenks-deploy-teardown-centos8 CI job


Change-Id: Ibd504389523bf1197aa5f7c3e9ef6cad8966ddc2
2020-03-11 17:05:21 +00:00
Mark Goddard 3db82fd551 Pin virtualbmc to <2 when using Python 2
This is necessary until we drop support for CentOS 7.

Also use Train upper constraints with Python 2, since Train is the last
release to support Python 2.

Change-Id: I085d107ae2d338a7609dececb7b62555937b7b1e
2020-03-11 16:38:28 +00:00
Iury Gregory Melo Ferreira 6af7c38564 Drop python 2.7 support and testing
OpenStack is dropping the py2.7 support in ussuri cycle.

tenks is ready with python 3 and ok to drop the
python 2.7 support.

Complete discussion & schedule can be found in

Ussuri Communtiy-wide goal -

Change-Id: I2b133661a4986d715513d5629b247f1086b0ddbc
2019-11-25 15:23:59 +01:00
Iury Gregory Melo Ferreira c20606ec8c Switch to Ussuri job
Change-Id: I00a1a3d80729a0bdeab61eb488432594f7597001
2019-11-01 14:32:08 +01:00
Zuul 6c59a5b507 Merge "Use zuul checkout for stackhpc-libvirt roles" 2019-08-23 16:54:42 +00:00
Kaifeng Wang b27c6bc169 Update Python 3 test runtimes for Train
One of train goals to have consistent python3 jobs.

Fixed incorrect upper constraints as well.

Change-Id: I8637ffdc52e22500cb4c9f3cdb0d4f5291d11147
2019-06-19 14:40:54 +08:00
Will Szumski 871d3cfd88 Use zuul checkout for stackhpc-libvirt roles
This allows us to use the Depends-On: syntax in future commits.

Change-Id: I4007edf0939d21115b0e2699857a4593cae30b74
2019-05-07 16:17:24 +00:00
Riccardo Pittau b4bddc2b54 Adding python 3.6 unit test
Adding python 3.6 openstack job to templates, adding py36 to
tox environments and reordering the template jobs.

Change-Id: Ib6269b0d686babfd7973503baa9189efe402e2d8
2019-03-12 09:19:48 +00:00
Zuul df30ddf006 Merge "Gate on kayobe overcloud deploy job" 2018-12-20 14:48:23 +00:00
Mark Goddard 60ffdc13ed Gate on kayobe overcloud deploy job
Until we have ironic jobs using tenks, gate on the kayobe overcloud deploy job,
which uses tenks to test bare metal compute provisioning.

Change-Id: I6c63f83550f53cc8624c1d938ba9c7450b7fcf27
2018-12-19 18:55:36 +00:00
Mark Goddard 49fb893b83 Changes following becoming an official project
* Updates the documentation to use openstackdocstheme
* Try to make sphinx config more similar to other openstack projects
* Add publishing jobs for docs & release notes
* Update links to source and docs
* Add a version module

Change-Id: I5180e008382e294aa9808a4775e998776f21362a
2018-12-07 18:26:04 +00:00
Will Szumski b4bc89dfff Add a zuul job to deploy and teardown a tenks cluster
This stops short of enrolling the nodes in Ironic, but provides
some coverage of the earlier stages.

Change-Id: I48a0bafaff1555caea0a7d216ac6f6a4f11c2b55
2018-11-08 16:21:21 +00:00
Will Szumski 2715c36be2 Add an initial set of zuul jobs
This brings feature parity with the old travis configuration. The travis
confiuration was removed.

Change-Id: Ia85259f3cb7e3f6479e21104856144432882ea66
2018-11-06 17:17:10 +00:00
Will Szumski 71e510f02c Add an initial noop job to bootstrap zuul
We need to define an initial job so that zuul will merge any changes.

Change-Id: Ie55ec09c3923b7ca923f8dc28ffa3f535f5eed9e
2018-11-06 17:05:53 +00:00