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Allow more kazoo specific client options to be proxied through

Closes-Bug: #1495663

Change-Id: I3710845f9e66ab574eb358000b859dc96cbf08a0
Joshua Harlow 6 years ago
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@ -20,7 +20,9 @@ import copy
from kazoo import client
from kazoo import exceptions
from kazoo.protocol import paths
from oslo_utils import strutils
import six
from six.moves import filter as compat_filter
from tooz import coordination
from tooz import locking
@ -63,7 +65,7 @@ class BaseZooKeeperDriver(coordination.CoordinationDriver):
def __init__(self, member_id, parsed_url, options):
super(BaseZooKeeperDriver, self).__init__()
options = utils.collapse(options)
options = utils.collapse(options, exclude=['hosts'])
self._options = options
self._member_id = member_id
self.timeout = int(options.get('timeout', '10'))
@ -324,6 +326,23 @@ class KazooDriver(BaseZooKeeperDriver):
driver API(s). It stores data into `zookeeper`_ using znodes
and `msgpack`_ encoded values.
To configure the client to your liking a subset of the options defined at
will be extracted from the coordinator url (or any provided options),
so that a specific coordinator can be created that will work for you.
Currently the following options will be proxied to the contained client:
================ =============================== ====================
Name Source Default
================ =============================== ====================
hosts url netloc + 'hosts' option key localhost:2181
timeout 'timeout' options key 10.0 (kazoo default)
connection_retry 'connection_retry' options key None
command_retry 'command_retry' options key None
randomize_hosts 'randomize_hosts' options key True
================ =============================== ====================
.. _kazoo:
.. _zookeeper:
.. _msgpack:
@ -335,9 +354,23 @@ class KazooDriver(BaseZooKeeperDriver):
self._member_id = member_id
self._timeout_exception = self._coord.handler.timeout_exception
def _make_client(cls, parsed_url, options):
return client.KazooClient(hosts=parsed_url.netloc)
def _make_client(self, parsed_url, options):
# Creates a kazoo client,
# See:
# for what options a client takes...
maybe_hosts = [parsed_url.netloc] + list(options.get('hosts', []))
hosts = list(compat_filter(None, maybe_hosts))
if not hosts:
hosts = ['localhost:2181']
randomize_hosts = options.get('randomize_hosts', True)
client_kwargs = {
'hosts': ",".join(hosts),
'timeout': float(options.get('timeout', self.timeout)),
'connection_retry': options.get('connection_retry'),
'command_retry': options.get('command_retry'),
'randomize_hosts': strutils.bool_from_string(randomize_hosts),
return client.KazooClient(**client_kwargs)
def _watch_group(self, group_id):
get_members_req = self.get_members(group_id)