10 Commits (master)

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Nick Maludy 80f379bfa2
Implements Group API for the Consul driver 2 years ago
Thomas Bechtold 4492bbaea8 Drop os-testr test-requirement and pretty_tox.sh 3 years ago
Ben Nemec bd7cc62a73 Migrate to stestr 4 years ago
Sean McGinnis 958e6ff4c2 Remove tox_install.sh 4 years ago
Tony Breeds 3a36a640cd [doc] Note lack of constraints is a choice 5 years ago
Julien Danjou 09d5b3d45e tox: use pretty tox output 6 years ago
Joshua Harlow 170680e93c Add docs for new consul driver 6 years ago
Julien Danjou d2529173ec etcd: driver with lock support 6 years ago
Joshua Harlow 5dc4f3d107 Update compatibility matrix due to file drivers new abilities 7 years ago
Joshua Harlow bb00a5beee Add a driver feature compatibility matrix 7 years ago