Coordinate distributed systems.
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minversion = 3.1.0
envlist = py3,py{36,38}-{zookeeper,redis,sentinel,memcached,postgresql,mysql,consul,etcd,etcd3,etcd3gw},pep8
ignore_basepython_conflict = True
basepython = python3
# We need to install a bit more than just `test-requirements' because those drivers have
# custom tests that we always run
deps = .[zake,ipc,memcached,mysql,etcd,etcd3,etcd3gw]
zookeeper: .[zookeeper]
redis: .[redis]
sentinel: .[redis]
memcached: .[memcached]
postgresql: .[postgresql]
mysql: .[mysql]
etcd: .[etcd]
etcd3: .[etcd3]
etcd3gw: .[etcd3gw]
consul: .[consul]
setenv =
TOOZ_TEST_URLS = file:///tmp zake:// ipc://
zookeeper: TOOZ_TEST_DRIVERS = zookeeper
redis: TOOZ_TEST_DRIVERS = redis
sentinel: TOOZ_TEST_DRIVERS = redis --sentinel
memcached: TOOZ_TEST_DRIVERS = memcached
mysql: TOOZ_TEST_DRIVERS = mysql
postgresql: TOOZ_TEST_DRIVERS = postgresql
etcd: TOOZ_TEST_DRIVERS = etcd,etcd --cluster
etcd3: TOOZ_TEST_DRIVERS = etcd
etcd3: TOOZ_TEST_ETCD3 = 1
etcd3gw: TOOZ_TEST_DRIVERS = etcd
etcd3gw: TOOZ_TEST_ETCD3GW = 1
consul: TOOZ_TEST_DRIVERS = consul
# NOTE(tonyb): This project has chosen to *NOT* consume upper-constraints.txt
commands =
{toxinidir}/ stestr run "{posargs}"
# This target is used by the gate go run Sphinx to build the doc
deps = {[testenv:docs]deps}
commands = {posargs}
deps = {[testenv]deps}
setenv = {[testenv]setenv}
PYTHON=coverage run --source tooz --parallel-mode
commands =
{toxinidir}/ stestr run "{posargs}"
coverage combine
coverage html -d cover
coverage xml -o cover/coverage.xml
deps = -r{toxinidir}/doc/requirements.txt
commands = sphinx-build -W -b html doc/source doc/build/html
deps = hacking>=4.0.0,<4.1.0
commands =
pre-commit run -a
doc8 doc/source
show-source = True
deps = -r{toxinidir}/doc/requirements.txt
commands = sphinx-build -a -E -W -d releasenotes/build/doctrees -b html releasenotes/source releasenotes/build/html