Coordinate distributed systems.
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set -x -e
clean_exit () {
local error_code="$?"
kill $(jobs -p)
rm -rf ${MYSQL_DATA}
return $error_code
wait_for_line () {
while read line
echo "$line" | grep -q "$1" && break
done < "$2"
# Read the fifo for ever otherwise process would block
cat "$2" >/dev/null &
trap "clean_exit" EXIT
# On systems like Fedora here's where mysqld can be found
export PATH=$PATH:/usr/libexec
# Start MySQL process for tests
MYSQL_DATA=`mktemp -d /tmp/tooz-mysql-XXXXX`
mkfifo ${MYSQL_DATA}/out
mysqld --datadir=${MYSQL_DATA} --pid-file=${MYSQL_DATA}/ --socket=${MYSQL_DATA}/mysql.socket --skip-networking --skip-grant-tables &> ${MYSQL_DATA}/out &
# Wait for MySQL to start listening to connections
wait_for_line "mysqld: ready for connections." ${MYSQL_DATA}/out
mysql -S ${MYSQL_DATA}/mysql.socket -e 'CREATE DATABASE test;'
export TOOZ_TEST_MYSQL_URL="mysql://root@localhost/test?unix_socket=${MYSQL_DATA}/mysql.socket"
# Yield execution to venv command