Coordinate distributed systems.
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set -x -e
function clean_exit() {
local error_code="$?"
${PGSQL_PATH}/pg_ctl -w -D ${PGSQL_DATA} -o "-p $PGSQL_PORT" stop
rm -rf ${PGSQL_DATA}
return $error_code
trap "clean_exit" EXIT
# Start PostgreSQL process for tests
PGSQL_DATA=`mktemp -d /tmp/tooz-pgsql-XXXXX`
PGSQL_PATH=`pg_config --bindir`
${PGSQL_PATH}/pg_ctl -w -D ${PGSQL_DATA} -o "-k ${PGSQL_DATA} -p ${PGSQL_PORT}" start
# Wait for PostgreSQL to start listening to connections
export TOOZ_TEST_PGSQL_URL="postgresql:///?host=${PGSQL_DATA}&port=${PGSQL_PORT}&dbname=template1"
# Yield execution to venv command