Coordinate distributed systems.
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set -x -e
SENTINEL_PORTS="26381 26382 26383"
function clean_exit(){
local error_code="$?"
local spawned=$(jobs -p)
if [ -n "$spawned" ]; then
kill $(jobs -p)
wait $spawned
rm /tmp/sentinel.2638[123].log || true
rm ${CONFFILES[@]} || true
return $error_code
function write_conf_file() {
local port=$1
local conffile=$(mktemp -t tooz-sentinel-$port-XXXXXX)
cat > $conffile <<EOF
port $port
dir /tmp
sentinel monitor mainbarn 6381 2
sentinel down-after-milliseconds mainbarn 80000
sentinel parallel-syncs mainbarn 1
sentinel failover-timeout mainbarn 180000
logfile /tmp/sentinel.$port.log
echo $conffile
trap "clean_exit" EXIT
# If we can't find either redis-server or redis-sentinel, exit.
redis_bin=$(which redis-server)
sentinel_bin=$(which redis-sentinel)
# start redis
$redis_bin --port 6381 &
# start the sentinels
for port in $SENTINEL_PORTS; do
conffile=$(write_conf_file $port)
$sentinel_bin $conffile &
# Test a first time without sentinel fallbacks
export TOOZ_TEST_REDIS_URL="redis://localhost:26381?sentinel=mainbarn&timeout=5"
# Test a second time with sentinel fallbacks
export TOOZ_TEST_REDIS_URL="redis://localhost:26381?sentinel=mainbarn&sentinel_fallback=localhost:26382&sentinel_fallback=localhost:26383&timeout=5"