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OpenStack Training Guides Specifications

This git repository is used to hold approved design specifications for additions to the Training Guides project. Reviews of the specs are done in gerrit, using a similar workflow to how we review and merge changes to the code itself.

The layout of this repository is:


You can find an example spec in /specs/template.rst.

Specifications are proposed for a given release by adding them to the specs/<release> directory and posting it for review. The implementation status of a blueprint for a given release can be found by looking at the blueprint in launchpad. Not all approved blueprints will get fully implemented.

Specifications have to be re-proposed for every release. The review may be quick, but even if something was previously approved, it should be re-reviewed to make sure it still makes sense as written.

Approved specs will be created on Launchpad blueprints:

For more information about working with gerrit, see: