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join tricircle and trio2o together

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Join Tricircle and Trio2o together
At the very beginning, Tricircle and Tiro2o has the same Poc Stage Project called OpenStack Cascased Solution[1] by Huawei. After tests they get divided as two independent project in community . Tricircle focus on network automation across neutron servers in multi-region OpenStack Clouds while Trio2o is the api gateway for transferring nova and cinder rest api. Although they get independent, however, in many application area such as NFV and multiple data centers they need to be reunified once again as their design concept is the same for multi-region openstack management since the beginning. This blueprint try to reunite Tricircle and Trio2o as a unified and complete project dedicated to multi-region OpenStack clouds management.
Problem Description
Tricircle is one of the Community official components and kept on the pace with every Iterative version. The newest version is Stein. While Tio2o is out of update and management for a long time. The newest version is Mitaka. Also there exists a big problem is that Trio2o re-implement nova and cinder rest-api and cli command. Trio2o has no python-client. And overlaps may exists for the two project devstack install script as well,etc.
So It is needed to develop a unified common python-client for the two project Tricirle and Trio2o to unify and translate cli command and rest api. Also the two database and tables need to be combined together and redesigned . Source code and configure files about functions and api need to be unified planned . Then devstack install scripts as well as zuul gate jobs need to be merged and verified together. At last there need to check the tempest unit tests in an unified path specification.