122 Commits (07bb2a1ba55fe658cfd1989c1f4aafd92c95ed40)

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zhiyuan_cai 07bb2a1ba5 Reorganize code 6 years ago
zhiyuan_cai fd5e79451e Site create RPC 6 years ago
zhiyuan_cai 0caaa2b979 Site create API 6 years ago
venkatamahesh a5fa51f6e4 Change the repository from stackforge to openstack 6 years ago
Jeremy Stanley 67ac635568 Update .gitreview for new namespace 6 years ago
zhiyuan_cai bcac6a4f4b Fix pep8 error 6 years ago
Jenkins 1c95b793af Merge "nova skeleton" 6 years ago
Saggi Mizrahi 4bccdcced1 nova skeleton 6 years ago
zhiyuan_cai 3d9d2daf3b Add create and delete operation to client wrapper 6 years ago
zhiyuan_cai 80d037fb4e Provide rpc for port status update 6 years ago
Jenkins 2b1f7aa559 Merge "Add cascade service REST api framework" 6 years ago
joehuang e94e98ad4a Add cascade service REST api framework 6 years ago
zhiyuan_cai 7a014921f9 cascade_service: client wrapper 6 years ago
zhiyuan_cai be30bb2fd8 cascade_service: DB infrastructure 6 years ago
Saggi Mizrahi c5d6976471 cascade_service framework 6 years ago
Saggi Mizrahi 6341924b92 networking-tricircle core plugin and security group 6 years ago
Saggi Mizrahi 2013bc8642 Base devstack install script first patch only handle networking 6 years ago
Saggi Mizrahi b4a1ac12ab Remove old code 6 years ago
Jenkins b6c9ee2e04 Merge "Modify description files" 6 years ago
zhiyuan_cai a0efbfca7d Modify description files 6 years ago
zhiyuan_cai 85315c1146 Remove unused files 6 years ago
zhiyuan_cai 812db07aa7 Remove code for image syncing which is not used now 6 years ago
zhiyuan_cai b7af1ad9c3 Update project README file 6 years ago
zhiyuan_cai f9874c05ae Submit new code base 6 years ago
jiahaojie 8e9ac69910 modify l2-proxy to add network_delete function. 7 years ago
ChiZhang 3d605e13c5 refresh cinder proxy about attach volume 7 years ago
ChiZhang 71c31d988c add enabled_volume_types 7 years ago
ChiZhang 4d146044fe add volume check before sync volumes 7 years ago
ChiZhang c15bfa091c 1. check logical volume while sync vols 7 years ago
joey5678 432f175268 Modify port value to Integer when create http connection 7 years ago
joey5678 989caf0c9e Modify glance sync not auth loc when add glance-loc 7 years ago
joey5678 44c77a238e Add docstring for added/modified options 7 years ago
jiahaojie ff1c3a2971 add query_ports mode for l2proxy, query ports from novaproxy or cascaded neutron 7 years ago
joey5678 bfe17a736a send port info to neutron 7 years ago
joey5678 bbdba3d866 Add config to controll the resource sync 7 years ago
joey5678 99109482e6 sync instance's metadata 7 years ago
ChiZhang 4f24979b3f refresh cinder proxy 7 years ago
joey5678 a132561ddf Modify neutron name rule when created in nova 7 years ago
joey5678 9ffd2755e7 Periodic update under aggregate/resources info for schedule (part 1) 7 years ago
ChiZhang c8ce4e5ea7 add volume metadata sync function 7 years ago
jiahaojie 236e2167b0 modify l2-proxy to process unauthorized exception when query port 7 years ago
ChiZhang 22f28d5908 add keystoneclient/cinderclient token unauthorized exception caught 7 years ago
ChiZhang f295bfbc32 add token authorized exception caught when cinder client being generated 7 years ago
ChiZhang 77a6fa883e modify VOLUME_NAME_LENGTH to VOLUME_NAME_MAX_LEN 7 years ago
ChiZhang b0f8521639 update notes for cinder proxy 7 years ago
joey5678 8fb4429a1e Add re-check logic when create network failed with conflict 7 years ago
ChiZhang 8796babed2 fresh cinder proxy 7 years ago
ChiZhang 2ccb6a723c recovery mapping_uuid in cinder-proxy volume metadata 7 years ago
ChiZhang 3dc060db63 refresh README.md and install script 7 years ago
joey5678 ca2f9eeb5e Add port name for mapping 7 years ago