13 Commits (2ecacc34b30d1032474f6951b2f6b9c56bfebbaa)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  zhangxiaohan bcc307ae5b The admin role judge exception caused the policy to fail 3 years ago
  southeast02 5fe9c5b444 Implement asynchronous job Admin API 4 years ago
  Dongfeng Huang d65601a4ff Clean useless tables in Tricircle after splitting 5 years ago
  Cao Xuan Hoang 23902704bb Remove logging import unused 5 years ago
  Dongfeng Huang e55e88fcae Implement resource routing features 5 years ago
  Chaoyi Huang 9c77e650f1 Fix incorrect file permission 5 years ago
  Chaoyi Huang 81b45f2c1d Move statless design from experiment to master branch 5 years ago
  zhiyuan_cai 07bb2a1ba5 Reorganize code 6 years ago
  zhiyuan_cai fd5e79451e Site create RPC 6 years ago
  zhiyuan_cai 0caaa2b979 Site create API 6 years ago
  joehuang e94e98ad4a Add cascade service REST api framework 6 years ago
  ChiZhang 1b9de6b874 fix tenant name for admin client 7 years ago
  ChiZhang a696e0eafb 1. reuse mapping uuid cache for cinder proxy 7 years ago