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Jeremy Stanley 67ac635568 Update .gitreview for new namespace
Change-Id: If9e2a69b8665388061866165830a6fc424d40e50
2015-10-17 22:41:25 +00:00
zhiyuan_cai bcac6a4f4b Fix pep8 error
A recent patch containing a pep8 error was merged without pep8
check since CI was down at that time. Do a quick fix here.

Change-Id: I8e9e5297c9e31d9f4089091274d59ec2e2bc96b0
2015-10-08 17:31:04 +08:00
Jenkins 1c95b793af Merge "nova skeleton" 2015-10-08 06:11:57 +00:00
Saggi Mizrahi 4bccdcced1 nova skeleton
Initial connectivity between the Nova compute node and the

Change-Id: I9ba0b56c0c0641b73145153df277e6688c47bdf8
2015-10-06 11:00:31 +03:00
zhiyuan_cai 3d9d2daf3b Add create and delete operation to client wrapper
Make client wrapper support create and delete operation so we
can create and delete aggregate in top OpenStack layer via DAL.

Change-Id: I13b7a0256e366f834965b817a6cd0237e52a6002
2015-09-30 12:37:32 +08:00
zhiyuan_cai 80d037fb4e Provide rpc for port status update
Tricircle Neutron plugin provides rpc for bottom service to update
port status in top layer.

Change-Id: I0ffff9cec472af9ac725815715f3373ee5949018
2015-09-23 16:58:53 +08:00
Jenkins 2b1f7aa559 Merge "Add cascade service REST api framework" 2015-09-21 08:20:14 +00:00
joehuang e94e98ad4a Add cascade service REST api framework
Fisrt patch to implement the REST api framework based on pecan, with keystone authentication integrated.
No resources implemented in the first patch

Change-Id: I8bff9f934fbba183f0b0e7b540fa755965c229a0
implements: blueprint:
2015-09-10 11:30:23 +08:00
zhiyuan_cai 7a014921f9 cascade_service: client wrapper
Implement client wrapper in DAL to access resources in top
OpenStack layer.

Partially implements: blueprint implement-dal

Change-Id: I8b6f5efdb49c87b6aeb4b7aad38f54c842c21d40
2015-09-09 19:35:06 +08:00
zhiyuan_cai be30bb2fd8 cascade_service: DB infrastructure
Base DAL implementation and DevStack integration. Our database
schema is under design so the models may be changed later.

Partially implements: blueprint implement-dal

Change-Id: I8b16b3217e6b72e04bd8886d01d638f2d5a5c388
2015-08-11 10:57:27 +00:00
Saggi Mizrahi c5d6976471 cascade_service framework
This is the base implementation. It adds all the devstack boilerplate
and connects to the network plugins' requests.

Change-Id: Ibd61153e755e1c218503b0671c242ff50b5ebdc8
2015-08-05 14:49:25 +03:00
Saggi Mizrahi 6341924b92 networking-tricircle core plugin and security group
Initial implementation include option to use ML2 but it seem that it
will be better to use a core plugin (more control) over the process.

This just includes the Neutron side plugin. It replaces the ML2 plugin
with one that doesn't do any actual network changes, instead only
forwards it to the Cascade Service.

Change-Id: Ic63e7a3d0a1b171d43aff535b65c949e9e51ff4f
2015-08-05 14:49:24 +03:00
Saggi Mizrahi 2013bc8642 Base devstack install script first patch only handle networking
Change-Id: Ic9962d261d4eb0c6fc2c68206b4b6253ccf8f561
2015-08-05 14:49:24 +03:00
Saggi Mizrahi b4a1ac12ab Remove old code
Change-Id: I846ae0f6455f2a6dfcd3016697b9dc2d32366bfc
2015-08-02 13:06:09 +03:00
Jenkins b6c9ee2e04 Merge "Modify description files" 2015-06-30 03:02:47 +00:00
zhiyuan_cai a0efbfca7d Modify description files
Add a link to poc code in project readme file; also remove readme
file in l2 proxy which is not needed.

Change-Id: Iebf3e552ab69c014dcd40bffe59dc44bb90c7d3f
Closes-Bug: #1469351 #1469352
2015-06-29 11:48:22 +08:00
zhiyuan_cai 85315c1146 Remove unused files
Change-Id: I9edbd9a8d24129a36ee201ccb6afa44ae0e66532
Closes-Bug: #1468632
Closes-Bug: #1469350
Closes-Bug: #1469353
2015-06-29 10:34:42 +08:00
zhiyuan_cai 812db07aa7 Remove code for image syncing which is not used now
Change-Id: I088977739394448e9ad8038480c1da52df2a8c24
2015-06-25 14:44:47 +08:00
zhiyuan_cai b7af1ad9c3 Update project README file
Change-Id: If3ec4713e0a05bbf0a425361f1a4cd4899766eba
2015-06-24 12:16:45 +08:00
zhiyuan_cai f9874c05ae Submit new code base
Change-Id: I233a1e0c8ecd9d35a66e28be0a6328b5c7215829
2015-06-18 11:58:12 +08:00
jiahaojie 8e9ac69910 modify l2-proxy to add network_delete function.
Change-Id: I4f1881e85adb051170ad7b3eb9a186f953ca5f7d
2015-03-23 19:57:10 +08:00
ChiZhang 3d605e13c5 refresh cinder proxy about attach volume
Change-Id: I3d1c5059748625303cdd518bd1f334b8302540e5
2015-03-18 11:37:04 +08:00
ChiZhang 71c31d988c add enabled_volume_types
Change-Id: I042953f09950850b942bfe00474bf3c91bfebab5
2015-02-09 22:33:48 +08:00
ChiZhang 4d146044fe add volume check before sync volumes
Change-Id: Ib42d0858c47baa85631f4d6fc0fa6dd321c1863c
2015-02-02 11:55:33 +08:00
ChiZhang c15bfa091c 1. check logical volume while sync vols
2. add clean_extra_cascaded_vol_flag
3. remove keyword "pool" for report cacading simu-driver info

Change-Id: I90df292f06c85245cbe3acb5a40045c3ca28c9cf
2015-01-29 16:03:37 +08:00
joey5678 432f175268 Modify port value to Integer when create http connection
Modify port value to Integer when create http connection.

Change-Id: If8e37c6dd4c8b4e15f7bc84aa778f336f33d21b7
2015-01-28 10:55:14 +08:00
joey5678 989caf0c9e Modify glance sync not auth loc when add glance-loc
Modify glance sync not auth loc when add glance-loc

Change-Id: I3c1ff1c11c688a89700329e679c9301b06e7fa50
2015-01-27 15:10:21 +08:00
joey5678 44c77a238e Add docstring for added/modified options
Add docstring for added/modified options

Change-Id: I5c86217ba801e27c1e9ae1e9a39b74530a0bc0b1
2015-01-27 14:50:36 +08:00
jiahaojie ff1c3a2971 add query_ports mode for l2proxy, query ports from novaproxy or cascaded neutron
Change-Id: I0e7f5a7aada15d8d55a1475d2a1e67f4708a0034
2015-01-22 20:00:44 +08:00
joey5678 bfe17a736a send port info to neutron
send port info to neutron

Change-Id: I93203eb051e02f224969478f44041a3695d02033
2015-01-22 19:31:29 +08:00
joey5678 bbdba3d866 Add config to controll the resource sync
By default, the resource synced is not used for performance reason.

Change-Id: Ide8e4ee127b28f1e1a9242443ee5c0580a331a18
2015-01-20 18:32:08 +08:00
joey5678 99109482e6 sync instance's metadata
sync instance's metadata when instance is created, reboot or resize.

Change-Id: I0e49091f647c742abf9feb541a7c930c587d4e66
2015-01-19 10:06:16 +08:00
ChiZhang 4f24979b3f refresh cinder proxy
Change-Id: I0d72486927914482ab9c9c477263ad132a759697
2015-01-19 09:41:35 +08:00
joey5678 a132561ddf Modify neutron name rule when created in nova
Just using cascading neutron object(net, subnet, port) uuid as name
of cascaded neutron object when creating these objects in nova.

Change-Id: I627d482c62e5f8c552623030104790f89da70533
2015-01-16 12:15:29 +08:00
joey5678 9ffd2755e7 Periodic update under aggregate/resources info for schedule (part 1)
Before, the cascading don't know the aggregates and resource info of
the cascadeds managed by proxys, so we cannot using the most filters
to choose the proper host with nova scheduler.

By updating the aggregates(includes hosts and metadata) and resource
used info in cascaded to the cascading periodically, this problem can
be solved.

Change-Id: If369f0023130c24544bbdbb3c1afbef05527d783
2015-01-15 16:10:44 +08:00
ChiZhang c8ce4e5ea7 add volume metadata sync function
Change-Id: Iff0a0f5c319014d4a69ef84b614711eaa7868c0e
2015-01-15 10:59:00 +08:00
jiahaojie 236e2167b0 modify l2-proxy to process unauthorized exception when query port
Change-Id: I1fee40f147d92631c38cef6dd0822cc6a7340a23
2015-01-14 10:25:58 +08:00
ChiZhang 22f28d5908 add keystoneclient/cinderclient token unauthorized exception caught
when cinderClient being generated, b/c this will be helpful to break
out from recursion when cinderclient being constructed from invalid

Change-Id: Id179b03b5d60af0af8cccfb64a7fad1ca709bf83
2015-01-13 16:29:00 +08:00
ChiZhang f295bfbc32 add token authorized exception caught when cinder client being generated
when cinder client unauthorized, exception will be caught and will break
out from recursion.

Change-Id: I038a1ea15c3f18e1b83a3da6a798ba69a523ead7
2015-01-13 16:08:26 +08:00
ChiZhang 77a6fa883e modify VOLUME_NAME_LENGTH to VOLUME_NAME_MAX_LEN
Change-Id: I28ccf8a8295d5af034f8845e8d51e19cef2a4344
2015-01-12 21:40:36 +08:00
ChiZhang b0f8521639 update notes for cinder proxy
Change-Id: I83a88f6f73c0af1293569336a851c068c22747df
2015-01-12 20:12:18 +08:00
joey5678 8fb4429a1e Add re-check logic when create network failed with conflict
Add re-check logic when create network faild with the Conflict Exception
whose status_code is 409, it's means another task of creating the same
network is happend and done. So there is no need to create it again, instead
we query if the network exists(by name). If we can not find the network,
then the exception raised.

Change-Id: I44a6909b3119be748d4445a0f560454c19687276
2015-01-12 16:41:24 +08:00
ChiZhang 8796babed2 fresh cinder proxy
Change-Id: I4d22e8261b06667f1f6abbd085e98a62a26ce375
2015-01-08 19:41:47 +08:00
ChiZhang 2ccb6a723c recovery mapping_uuid in cinder-proxy volume metadata
b/c this is useful for nova-proxy to attach volume

Change-Id: I18ab0bbaff168aa5f0260206208bdcd17a4e1415
2015-01-08 17:33:00 +08:00
ChiZhang 3dc060db63 refresh and install script
Change-Id: I547111874c42e41599eb0b031fc68b3eb5897c40
2015-01-07 17:44:09 +08:00
joey5678 ca2f9eeb5e Add port name for mapping
When creating cascading port in nova proxy, add the 'name' field which
contains a cascading network_name and port uuid.

Change-Id: I730a0ca953513b9f965155141d04b90b39963432
2015-01-07 14:46:33 +08:00
joey5678 429e12ea34 Add port name for mapping
When creating cascading port in nova proxy, add the 'name' field which
contains a cascading network_name and port uuid.

Change-Id: I40418f24f4f4813b90add46fe11457819c2bf6ec
2015-01-07 11:37:47 +08:00
joey5678 954bf16900 refactor novaclient code
refactor novaclient code for cascaded.

Change-Id: I2f7efe3f2ffa070fa8d7296afb39ae4e381c5788
2015-01-05 17:47:43 +08:00
ChiZhang 87205df234 add volume sync timestamp flag
add flag to cinder-proxy for volume status sync based on timestamp between cascading and cascaded OpenStack

Change-Id: I0d396a729df7d9d1265012b6052405181e3d7531
2015-01-05 02:38:25 +00:00
ChiZhang 3aa59af134 refresh cinder-proxy
Change-Id: I1498444e8b02c32fa6bfa94ad1499bb955784c75
2015-01-05 09:45:28 +08:00