17 Commits (75cfe5b1fd880d989859c3414298fc9453377819)

Author SHA1 Message Date
nanaboat db09651b6b Inconsistency Description 5 years ago
Victor Morales 108342ae3b Use tempest and tricircle in Devstack samples 6 years ago
Victor Morales deef56d69d Simplify, Update and Fix Devstack installation 6 years ago
Dongfeng Huang d65601a4ff Clean useless tables in Tricircle after splitting 6 years ago
zhiyuan_cai ff7f86fa01 Central and local plugin (part 2, l3 functionality) 6 years ago
zhiyuan_cai b0789882eb Central and local plugin (part 1, base) 6 years ago
Chaoyi Huang d5e6d330ce Fix regex expresion error in integration test 6 years ago
zhiyuan_cai 4d89a0faa7 Cross Pod L3 Networking - Part2 7 years ago
Chaoyi Huang 81b45f2c1d Move statless design from experiment to master branch 7 years ago
Khayam Gondal 585bb7ea63 Changed HOST_IP= in local.conf.sample to for devstack. 7 years ago
zhiyuan_cai 57f0ddbf91 Proxy for compute 7 years ago
venkatamahesh a5fa51f6e4 Change the repository from stackforge to openstack 7 years ago
Saggi Mizrahi 4bccdcced1 nova skeleton 7 years ago
joehuang e94e98ad4a Add cascade service REST api framework 7 years ago
Saggi Mizrahi c5d6976471 cascade_service framework 7 years ago
Saggi Mizrahi 6341924b92 networking-tricircle core plugin and security group 7 years ago
Saggi Mizrahi 2013bc8642 Base devstack install script first patch only handle networking 7 years ago