51 Commits (75cfe5b1fd880d989859c3414298fc9453377819)

Author SHA1 Message Date
chenyaguang 80a6e2101e Improvement the Tricircle work with nova cell2 4 years ago
songbaisen 5f76fdae96 Fix the smoke test error 5 years ago
lyman-xu 27346da051 Distinguish the source of requests 5 years ago
zhangxiaohan db679ef7cb QoS implementation(Part1: Qos Plugin) 5 years ago
zhiyuan_cai 5e392f69b8 [Urgent] Remove tempest config from smoke test 5 years ago
zhiyuan_cai 22d8b40113 Update plugin.sh and document for cellv2 integration 5 years ago
zhiyuan_cai 8af1e2e08b Add service function chaining smoke test 5 years ago
zhiyuan_cai eb2662b33e Add trunk smoke test 5 years ago
zhiyuan_cai 5ade538b79 Change local type as the last network type candidate 5 years ago
zhiyuan_cai 6f9928bf8d Work with cell v2 5 years ago
Victor Morales 5f90f95291 Include tricircleclient installation 5 years ago
zhiyuan_cai 0d83bdca0a [urgent]Adapt new Keystone URL and mock _update_ips_for_port 5 years ago
zhiyuan_cai a4a3a9ff11 Basic smoke test script 5 years ago
zhiyuan_cai ee008cae6b Enable flat network type support 5 years ago
zhiyuan_cai cc770090c0 Update doc and add release note for vxlan 5 years ago
joehuang 6eb93e844d Support WSGI deployment for Tricircle Admin API(part1) 5 years ago
zhiyuan_cai bb73104ca2 Shared VxLAN (Part1: shadow agent) 6 years ago
xiulin yin f6cd0e5061 Fix issues of multi-region devstack environment setup 6 years ago
xiulin yin fdbd26836a Add 'extern' physical network create supported 6 years ago
xiulin yin 2d6cae8097 Change network type shared_vlan name to vlan 6 years ago
Yipei Niu 3457145512 DB migration version 6 years ago
joehuang 8616eb5fa4 Update devstack plugin to support multi-region installation 6 years ago
Dongfeng Huang d65601a4ff Clean useless tables in Tricircle after splitting 6 years ago
Victor Morales a0cddc5bc3 Register the service following devstack standards 6 years ago
Victor Morales fe332737ac Use tricircle commands in devstack screen 6 years ago
xiulin yin aa6bfdf75a Fix register tricircle endpoint failed 6 years ago
zhiyuan_cai ff7f86fa01 Central and local plugin (part 2, l3 functionality) 6 years ago
zhiyuan_cai b0789882eb Central and local plugin (part 1, base) 6 years ago
yinxiulin 67afce7e26 Nova_APIGW Server Action Support(part1) 6 years ago
yinxiulin 0e318b7c20 Disable initial network creation(urgent) 6 years ago
yinxiulin e0745a1585 Enable service t-api t-ngw t-cgw t-job in plugin.sh 6 years ago
zhiyuan_cai da3ed5a9f6 Add shared vlan type driver 6 years ago
zhiyuan_cai bfe02339b3 Fix DevStack script error 6 years ago
Chaoyi Huang c8f3a65549 Add the Tricircle tempest plugin with a sample test case 6 years ago
zhiyuan_cai 44f1f311ae Implement volume attaching functionality 6 years ago
zhiyuan_cai 8dd1b87e26 L3 North-South Networking 7 years ago
zhiyuan_cai 4d89a0faa7 Cross Pod L3 Networking - Part2 7 years ago
Chaoyi Huang 81b45f2c1d Move statless design from experiment to master branch 7 years ago
zhiyuan_cai 57f0ddbf91 Proxy for compute 7 years ago
zhiyuan_cai 07bb2a1ba5 Reorganize code 7 years ago
zhiyuan_cai fd5e79451e Site create RPC 7 years ago
zhiyuan_cai 0caaa2b979 Site create API 7 years ago
Saggi Mizrahi 4bccdcced1 nova skeleton 7 years ago
joehuang e94e98ad4a Add cascade service REST api framework 7 years ago
zhiyuan_cai be30bb2fd8 cascade_service: DB infrastructure 7 years ago
Saggi Mizrahi c5d6976471 cascade_service framework 7 years ago
Saggi Mizrahi 2013bc8642 Base devstack install script first patch only handle networking 7 years ago