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XuShimin d420214a2c Update installation-lbaas.rst 3 years ago
lyman-xu a685178d38 Doc for how to use segment in newL3 netwoking model 3 years ago
whoami-rajat 96f8886a6e Add tricircle-status upgrade check command framework 3 years ago
chengebj5238 dca1fb1954 fix error http links and fix http links to https links 3 years ago
songbaisen 3872ddcaf6 add the devspecs to doc for tricircle 3 years ago
chenyaguang 80a6e2101e Improvement the Tricircle work with nova cell2 3 years ago
zhang.lei a9f9b1d1f0 Note the password of cirros 0.4.0 3 years ago
BruceChiZhang c2dcd4f660 Fix the create/delete instance error using nova cell with tricircle 3 years ago
BruceChiZhang 91a0218dd0 change trircle endpoint creation method adjust to keystone api 4 years ago
Vu Cong Tuan 49fe1184ed Replace deprecated "auth_uri" by "www_authenticate_uri" 4 years ago
David Rabel a59abd986b Fix indentation in Networking Guide 4 years ago
Guoqiang Ding 815d1ff008 Fix the misspelling of "octavia" 4 years ago
Yipei Niu 2728624a46 Installation and configuration guide for lbaas 4 years ago
zhiyuan_cai 22d8b40113 Update plugin.sh and document for cellv2 integration 4 years ago
zhiyuan_cai e3310a1b3d Add explaination about keystone url option 4 years ago
zhiyuan_cai f89ceffc62 Update link for networking guide 4 years ago
Dongfeng Huang 9939540c07 Fix bugs in tricircle Admin API 4 years ago
joehuang 3e13f36102 Add guide for Tricircle CLI 4 years ago
Dongfeng Huang ac1b390fb2 Add documentation for job pagination feature 4 years ago
Dongfeng Huang ee34ea53e9 Use tricircle cli instead of curl command 4 years ago
Dongfeng Huang fa53c16b5e [doc-migration] Reorganize the Tricircle doc/source folder 4 years ago
chenxing da36cfe85a Update the documentation link for doc migration 4 years ago
Fangming Liu 6759160049 Add documentation on routing pagination feature 4 years ago
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Fangming Liu 17f104d057 Update term "cross OpenStack L2 network" 4 years ago
xiulin yin 2d22bb18bf Add Service Function Chain support(1) 5 years ago
zhiyuan_cai 6f9928bf8d Work with cell v2 5 years ago
joehuang 7eecb06e38 Add networking terms used in Tricircle 5 years ago
xiulin yin b0c61d60be Add VLAN aware VMs support 5 years ago
Ngo Quoc Cuong e2e03e96e5 Rename networking-senarios.rst -> networking-scenarios.rst 5 years ago
Dongfeng Huang 8bbe50ca98 Documentation on asynchronous job management API 5 years ago
zhiyuan_cai 0d83bdca0a [urgent]Adapt new Keystone URL and mock _update_ips_for_port 5 years ago
zhiyuan_cai 22f9334b77 Release note and doc for multi-gw NS networking 5 years ago
joehuang 99a916ac42 Add guide for multiple north-south gateways with east-west enabled 5 years ago
zhiyuan_cai ee008cae6b Enable flat network type support 5 years ago
joehuang aa68a542ce Update networking-guide-single-external-network 5 years ago
zhiyuan_cai cc770090c0 Update doc and add release note for vxlan 5 years ago
joehuang 6eb93e844d Support WSGI deployment for Tricircle Admin API(part1) 5 years ago
zhiyuan_cai bb73104ca2 Shared VxLAN (Part1: shadow agent) 5 years ago
xiulin yin f6cd0e5061 Fix issues of multi-region devstack environment setup 5 years ago
zhiyuan_cai bd5a9e72ce Update installation guide to use tricircle command 5 years ago
xiulin yin 2059bc485c Fix semantic error in networking guide 5 years ago
zhiyuan_cai 93f976101d Fix typo in installation guide 5 years ago
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