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chengebj5238 dca1fb1954 fix error http links and fix http links to https links 4 years ago
melissaml 8b5fe2dd21 Update the outdated URL 4 years ago
zhangxiaohan 03e593be24 lbaas.rst line chart showing confusion in github 4 years ago
lvxianguo 19020cb07f [Trivial Fix] Replace Chinese punctuation with English 4 years ago
Yipei Niu bd77ba8c72 spec for l3 networking 4 years ago
songbaisen c6ddbb39b7 spec for resource deleting 5 years ago
Guoqiang Ding a5d56eb1e3 Fix the misspelling of "cross" and "networking" 5 years ago
Yipei Niu e2854cbd63 spec for lbaas 5 years ago
zhiyuan_cai 91137e7eaa Spec for smoke test engine 5 years ago
Fangming Liu 17f104d057 Update term "cross OpenStack L2 network" 5 years ago
CR_hui 3859f5d94d Move QoS service spec 5 years ago
CR_hui 0909e67dee Networking QoS service spec 5 years ago
southeast02 5fe9c5b444 Implement asynchronous job Admin API 5 years ago
joehuang 098af11b85 Layer-3 Networking multi-NS-with-EW-enabled 5 years ago
zhiyuan_cai 6c48f0e4ea Cross-pod VxLAN network spec 5 years ago
Dongfeng Huang 9a37c81476 spec on asynchronous job management 5 years ago
Dongfeng Huang eb084c2d0f Fix the grammar errors reported in the doc 5 years ago
xiulin yin 2d6cae8097 Change network type shared_vlan name to vlan 6 years ago
Dongfeng Huang d65601a4ff Clean useless tables in Tricircle after splitting 6 years ago
zhiyuan_cai 2161a18f02 Enhance XJob reliability spec 6 years ago
Dongfeng Huang d1bc1f4eb8 spec on legacy tables clean work 6 years ago
Cady_Chen 5c69e14703 Fix typos 6 years ago
zhiyuan_cai f423b76a83 Layer-3 networking and combined bridge network spec 6 years ago
zhiyuan_cai 32fef062d7 Specification for local Neutron plugin 6 years ago
XiongQiu 8a9a07db86 Add cross-pod L2 Networking spec file 6 years ago
Yipei Niu a1602f7e5e Add specification for dynamic pod binding 6 years ago