80 Commits (82bf693bdf6c6526d0e9a54d98518fb28edcadd9)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Andreas Jaeger 82bf693bdf Update hacking for Python3 1 year ago
  zhangchi 6d1a78e3d0 fix tricircle devstack installation can not import contants 1 year ago
  zhangchi dd61cec2f8 fix unit testcase can not pass 2 years ago
  songbaisen 0e0a0a4195 fix the tricircle can not create float ip 2 years ago
  zhangxiaohan dd9b42bf6a Add more unit test case more than 80% 2 years ago
  zhangchi 1cc14e53ae SecurityGroupRule can not pass as Neutron/c/660174/ 2 years ago
  zhangchi 1a3a6bb9bb fix and reverse unit tests about network_segment_ranges 2 years ago
  songbaisen 296bd72a46 Fix the gate error 2 years ago
  Boden R 2639d8964d fix gate 2 years ago
  Boden R f82eee4ea0 stop using neutron.db._utils 2 years ago
  lyman-xu e57c5f497f The first part of new l3 networking implement 3 years ago
  songbaisen fe6ed247af Fix the unit test error 3 years ago
  songbaisen e41436c9ee Fix the unit test error 3 years ago
  Boden R caca4605ef use db utils from lib 3 years ago
  lyman-xu 6e96413d87 Security group deletion 3 years ago
  zhiyuan_cai 1cb38b8397 [Urgent] fix unit test errors 3 years ago
  zhiyuan_cai 61087e1649 [Urgent] Fix unit test error 3 years ago
  zhangxiaohan db679ef7cb QoS implementation(Part1: Qos Plugin) 4 years ago
  zhiyuan_cai 339095c776 Fix l3 unit test error 4 years ago
  lyman-xu 25ada0602e Default security group update 4 years ago
  Boden R 824e22fec2 use availability zone api def from lib 4 years ago
  shangxiaobj f644782f8b [Trivialfix]Fix typos in tricircle 4 years ago
  ritesh.arya c6e6c343e2 Replace assertTrue/False(A) from assertEqual(A, True/False) 4 years ago
  Boden R 5d0eed5dd7 use service type constants from neutron_lib plugins 4 years ago
  xiulin yin 2d22bb18bf Add Service Function Chain support(1) 4 years ago
  zhiyuan_cai 359ad4131e [Urgent] Fix fip creation error 4 years ago
  zhiyuan_cai 9897c65a26 Local FIP not created after central FIP creation 4 years ago
  zhiyuan_cai 0d8b6514df Reconstruct unit tests 4 years ago
  zhiyuan_cai 6c227a18bc Router update should not touch nonexistent local router 4 years ago
  xiulin yin b0c61d60be Add VLAN aware VMs support 4 years ago
  southeast02 5fe9c5b444 Implement asynchronous job Admin API 4 years ago
  zhiyuan_cai 0d83bdca0a [urgent]Adapt new Keystone URL and mock _update_ips_for_port 4 years ago
  zhiyuan_cai d7087389f7 Support multi-gateway NS networking with EW enabled 4 years ago
  zhiyuan_cai e85d91362b Multiple pods share the same physical network name 4 years ago
  zhiyuan_cai e752931509 [Urgent] Adapt Neutron _store_ip_allocation change 4 years ago
  zhiyuan_cai c519de86b1 [Urgent] Use valid UUID for py35 test 4 years ago
  zhiyuan_cai 85c9a896e2 [Urgent] Adapt new enginefacade of Neutron 4 years ago
  zhiyuan_cai ab046fba3a [Urgent] Add __contains__ method to FakeSession 4 years ago
  zhiyuan_cai fde488c99e Shared VxLAN (Part5: bulk create shadow port) 4 years ago
  zhiyuan_cai b14e0b4066 Shared VxLAN (Part4: bridge network l3) 4 years ago
  Yipei Niu 0beeb82197 Enable allowed address pairs 4 years ago
  zhiyuan_cai b4f9798abf Shared VxLAN (Part3: tenant network l3) 4 years ago
  zhiyuan_cai e87e080281 Shared VxLAN (Part2: async job) 4 years ago
  zhiyuan_cai bb73104ca2 Shared VxLAN (Part1: shadow agent) 4 years ago
  xiulin yin da443110e9 Enable router az and simplify net topology 4 years ago
  zhiyuan_cai 3e15d42dd9 [Urgent] Fix UT error caused by segment callback 4 years ago
  joehuang 82095e27d4 [urgent]Fix the unit test error caused by rehome of neutron.context 4 years ago
  zhiyuan_cai f0b6233181 Improve bottom allocation pool calculation 4 years ago
  xiulin yin 8f8cc989b3 Add network az_hints check when boot vm 4 years ago
  zhiyuan_cai 7b1558e854 Fix unit tests error introduced by _get_session 4 years ago