24 Commits (82bf693bdf6c6526d0e9a54d98518fb28edcadd9)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Andreas Jaeger 82bf693bdf Update hacking for Python3 1 year ago
  zhangxiaohan dd9b42bf6a Add more unit test case more than 80% 2 years ago
  xiulin yin 2d22bb18bf Add Service Function Chain support(1) 4 years ago
  zhiyuan_cai 875fac7e81 Avoid adding duplicated sec-group rules with same CIDR 4 years ago
  southeast02 5fe9c5b444 Implement asynchronous job Admin API 4 years ago
  zhiyuan_cai d7087389f7 Support multi-gateway NS networking with EW enabled 4 years ago
  Yipei Niu 230d90263d Ignore seg rules of IPv6 4 years ago
  zhiyuan_cai fde488c99e Shared VxLAN (Part5: bulk create shadow port) 4 years ago
  zhiyuan_cai e87e080281 Shared VxLAN (Part2: async job) 4 years ago
  zhiyuan_cai 13f3f31bf1 XJob reliability improvement 4 years ago
  joehuang bd4b205f14 Support python3 in tricircle 4 years ago
  xiulin yin 2df0578cce Fix security group rule sync 4 years ago
  zhiyuan_cai b60ba570bb Combine bridge networks 5 years ago
  Dongfeng Huang d65601a4ff Clean useless tables in Tricircle after splitting 4 years ago
  CR_hui f9e3d6ea35 Add configuration guide in the Tricircle 4 years ago
  zhiyuan_cai aaf2501285 Central and local plugin (part3, security group) 5 years ago
  zhiyuan_cai 361f7f7a27 Support l3 networking in shared vlan network 5 years ago
  zhiyuan_cai ea1c28d61d Asynchronous job management(part 2) 5 years ago
  zhiyuan_cai 2bc2db5ae6 Asynchronous job management(part 1) 5 years ago
  zhiyuan_cai 8dd1b87e26 L3 North-South Networking 5 years ago
  zhiyuan_cai 4d89a0faa7 Cross Pod L3 Networking - Part2 5 years ago
  ChiZhang 1b9de6b874 fix tenant name for admin client 6 years ago
  ChiZhang a696e0eafb 1. reuse mapping uuid cache for cinder proxy 6 years ago