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zhiyuan_cai 333c99ad20 Implement router gateway removing 6 years ago
zhiyuan_cai e380fa85ae Implement volume update operation 6 years ago
Jenkins 7961f642ea Merge "Implement router interface deletion" 6 years ago
Jenkins 0649d63be4 Merge "Implement volume list availability zone filter" 6 years ago
zhiyuan_cai fa9db37e64 Implement volume list availability zone filter 6 years ago
zhiyuan_cai 7818ad2006 Implement router interface deletion 6 years ago
zhiyuan_cai e43c4bc656 Pass tempest list_server_filters test 6 years ago
Jenkins 353ebcddb1 Merge "Implement server delete API" 6 years ago
zhiyuan_cai 407703ade7 Update readme 6 years ago
zhiyuan_cai 9e95bfd9bc Implement server delete API 6 years ago
zhiyuan_cai fbaaf20324 Implement server action API(part 1) 6 years ago
zhiyuan_cai 08e868823f Fix cinder delete response which stops tempest 6 years ago
Jenkins 6015586f8f Merge "Asynchronous job management(part 2)" 6 years ago
Chaoyi Huang c130571d98 Quota management for Nova-APIGW(part4 metadata and injected files) 6 years ago
zhiyuan_cai ea1c28d61d Asynchronous job management(part 2) 6 years ago
Jenkins d317e3895b Merge "Asynchronous job management(part 1)" 6 years ago
Chaoyi Huang ab6bd6cee9 Exception base class refactory 6 years ago
zhiyuan_cai 2bc2db5ae6 Asynchronous job management(part 1) 6 years ago
shipengfei92 b756e09bbd Merge the verify scripts 6 years ago
zhiyuan_cai d8d1940b9e Adapt Neutron database change 6 years ago
zhiyuan_cai 44f1f311ae Implement volume attaching functionality 6 years ago
Chaoyi Huang 2c996e7c61 Quota management for Nova-APIGW (part3 os-quota-sets and limits ) 6 years ago
zhiyuan_cai 98eb4b3389 Implement security group - Neutron plugin part 6 years ago
zhiyuan_cai 8c0e8276c3 Implement security group - Nova API gateway part 6 years ago
Jenkins 7830665ddf Merge "Ensure network AZ and server AZ are the same" 6 years ago
Jenkins 0276ba8a78 Merge "Transfer query object to dictionary" 6 years ago
zhiyuan_cai 1946cd8544 Ensure network AZ and server AZ are the same 6 years ago
Bean Zhang 6ffbcbf5d0 Fix the bug "North-South Networking doesn't work". 6 years ago
zhiyuan_cai 1496d5ffe6 Transfer query object to dictionary 6 years ago
zhiyuan_cai cc05f07ecb Fix test case bug 6 years ago
Chaoyi Huang b350bfe6ba Quota management for Nova-APIGW and Cinder-APIGW(part2) 6 years ago
zhiyuan_cai 8dd1b87e26 L3 North-South Networking 7 years ago
Jenkins 1a4709eb49 Merge "Quota management for Nova-APIGW and Cinder-APIGW(part1)" 7 years ago
zhiyuan_cai 4d89a0faa7 Cross Pod L3 Networking - Part2 7 years ago
Chaoyi Huang 1da8d2a473 Quota management for Nova-APIGW and Cinder-APIGW(part1) 7 years ago
Chaoyi Huang 81b45f2c1d Move statless design from experiment to master branch 7 years ago
Khayam Gondal 585bb7ea63 Changed HOST_IP= in local.conf.sample to for devstack. 7 years ago
Chaoyi Huang bfc6a83048 Change the gate to OpenStack infrastrucure 7 years ago
zhiyuan_cai 57f0ddbf91 Proxy for compute 7 years ago
zhiyuan_cai 07bb2a1ba5 Reorganize code 7 years ago
zhiyuan_cai fd5e79451e Site create RPC 7 years ago
zhiyuan_cai 0caaa2b979 Site create API 7 years ago
venkatamahesh a5fa51f6e4 Change the repository from stackforge to openstack 7 years ago
Jeremy Stanley 67ac635568 Update .gitreview for new namespace 7 years ago
zhiyuan_cai bcac6a4f4b Fix pep8 error 7 years ago
Jenkins 1c95b793af Merge "nova skeleton" 7 years ago
Saggi Mizrahi 4bccdcced1 nova skeleton 7 years ago
zhiyuan_cai 3d9d2daf3b Add create and delete operation to client wrapper 7 years ago
zhiyuan_cai 80d037fb4e Provide rpc for port status update 7 years ago
Jenkins 2b1f7aa559 Merge "Add cascade service REST api framework" 7 years ago