944 Commits (b4732b639b4b7e32cb55404741660b71a6d227ef)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  joey5678 ec5f67c91c Modify Readmd for the remove of mapping_uuid patch 7 years ago
  joey5678 909968edec resolve sync image execption handle in nova 7 years ago
  joey5678 9ed9344fc2 add script module for tricircle options 7 years ago
  ChiZhang 72fb1af940 modify cinder client 7 years ago
  ChiZhang 1b9de6b874 fix tenant name for admin client 7 years ago
  joey5678 82e81414b3 rollback update_available_resource 7 years ago
  ChiZhang a696e0eafb 1. reuse mapping uuid cache for cinder proxy 7 years ago
  ChiZhang 6d4182e47a store cinderclient for admin user in proxy cache 7 years ago
  jiahaojie c3d4f22000 modify l2-proxy to get token when it was expired 7 years ago
  joey5678 68ab7c12d4 cache the sync nova client 7 years ago
  ChiZhang 7f649fc7ad modify remarks and logs for cinder proxy 7 years ago
  ChiZhang fa7b301843 remove terminate_connection while detach_volume for novaproxy 7 years ago
  joey5678 bfd2c11595 get rid off terminate_connection for nova_proxy while detach volume 7 years ago
  joey5678 cfafc8d47a Cinder proxy paging 7 years ago
  joey5678 7c5a2be507 novaproxy performance optimization 7 years ago
  jiahaojie 7597fd6e65 delete spaces in l2_proxy.py file 7 years ago
  jiahaojie 3831e50de9 delete some spaces in l2_proxy.py file 7 years ago
  jiahaojie feb554ceb8 port list pagination patch for l2-proxy 7 years ago
  joey5678 75643b324f Resovle some perfromance issues of nova cascading 7 years ago
  joey5678 72a648dd85 Config paging query for cinder 7 years ago
  jiahaojie c1d1c112fb add config option "cascade_str" for cascading_l3_patch 7 years ago
  jiahaojie d4d1e9fa17 add config option "cascade_str" for cascading_l3_patch 7 years ago
  joey5678 8103bf5350 Check and sync flavor extra_spces 7 years ago
  joey5678 893a4b6379 Modify glance's sync strategy option 7 years ago
  joey5678 5e552bc270 Unuse the mapping_uuid field in cascading 7 years ago
  Jenkins 2921f1e7f2 Merge "modify l2-proxy-- query ports based on timestamp" 7 years ago
  zhangni 060771bedf modify l2-proxy-- query ports based on timestamp 7 years ago
  Jenkins 0e74ec5955 Merge "modify install.sh of neutron_cascading_l3_patch" 7 years ago
  zhangni 2c1ee14802 modify install.sh of neutron_cascading_l3_patch 7 years ago
  Jenkins 97fd07b36f Merge "add neutron cascaded big2layer patch" 7 years ago
  zhangni d4e3d1c813 add neutron cascaded big2layer patch 7 years ago
  joey5678 89a4dbf6c1 nova flavor/keypair modification synced 7 years ago
  zhangni 83da6bf451 add timestamp patch for cascaded neutron server 7 years ago
  joey5678 b7e6e4dccf Modify Readme and install files 7 years ago
  joey5678 7e3e60a34a Add/Modify some files 7 years ago
  joey5678 b6461fcb82 Modify image sync in novaproxy to for juno 7 years ago
  joey5678 5ff55866f8 Modify nova proxy to adapt juno 7 years ago
  joey5678 e6d7dc78ce Transplant tricircle to juno version 7 years ago
  joey5678 e211f7efef Sync image when first instance launched 7 years ago
  joey5678 7caf4f39db Add delay time for sync between cascading and cascaded vm status 7 years ago
  joey5678 d60ac07ff9 Modify the arguments number lack bug 7 years ago
  joehuang 06182d11c0 Add code lines developed description 7 years ago
  openstack 0885397d10 Add source code to Tricircle 7 years ago
  OpenStack Project Creator e75f01b9a6 Added .gitreview 7 years ago