RETIRED, Tricircle is to provide networking automation across Neutron.
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(Attention Please, Stateless Design Proposal is being worked on the "experiment" branch).

(The original PoC source code, please switch to "poc" tag, or "stable/fortest" branch)

Tricircle is an OpenStack project that aims to deal with multiple OpenStack deployment across multiple data centers. It provides users a single management view by having only one Tricircle instance on behalf of all the involved OpenStack instances.

Tricircle presents one big region to the end user in KeyStone. And each OpenStack instance, which is called a pod, is a sub-region of Tricircle in KeyStone, and not visible to end user directly.

Tricircle acts as OpenStack API gateway, can accept all OpenStack API calls and forward the API calls to regarding OpenStack instance(pod), and deal with cross pod networking automaticly.

The end user can see avaialbility zone (AZ in short) and use AZ to provision VM, Volume, even Network through Tricircle.

Similar as AWS, one AZ can includes many pods, and a tenant's resources will be bound to specific pods automaticly.

Project Resources

License: Apache 2.0

Play with DevStack

Now stateless design can be played with DevStack.

  • 1 Git clone DevStack.
  • 2 Git clone Tricircle, or just download devstack/local.conf.sample
  • 3 Copy devstack/local.conf.sample to DevStack folder and rename it to local.conf, change password in the file if needed.
  • 4 Run DevStack.
  • 5 After DevStack successfully starts, check if services have been correctly registered. Run "openstack endpoint list" and you should get similar output as following:
| ID                               | Region    | Service Name | Service Type   |
| 230059e8533e4d389e034fd68257034b | RegionOne | glance       | image          |
| 25180a0a08cb41f69de52a7773452b28 | RegionOne | nova         | compute        |
| bd1ed1d6f0cc42398688a77bcc3bda91 | Pod1      | neutron      | network        |
| 673736f54ec147b79e97c395afe832f9 | RegionOne | ec2          | ec2            |
| fd7f188e2ba04ebd856d582828cdc50c | RegionOne | neutron      | network        |
| ffb56fd8b24a4a27bf6a707a7f78157f | RegionOne | keystone     | identity       |
| 88da40693bfa43b9b02e1478b1fa0bc6 | Pod1      | nova         | compute        |
| f35d64c2ddc44c16a4f9dfcd76e23d9f | RegionOne | nova_legacy  | compute_legacy |
| 8759b2941fe7469e9651de3f6a123998 | RegionOne | tricircle    | Cascading      |

"RegionOne" is the region you set in local.conf via REGION_NAME, whose default value is "RegionOne", we use it as the region for top OpenStack(Tricircle); "Pod1" is the region set via "POD_REGION_NAME", new configuration option introduced by Tricircle, we use it as the bottom OpenStack.

  • 6 Create pod instances for Tricircle and bottom OpenStack
curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
    -H "X-Auth-Token: $token" -d '{"pod": {"pod_name":  "RegionOne"}}'

curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
    -H "X-Auth-Token: $token" -d '{"pod": {"pod_name":  "Pod1", "az_name": "az1"}}'

Pay attention to "pod_name" parameter we specify when creating pod. Pod name should exactly match the region name registered in Keystone since it is used by Tricircle to route API request. In the above commands, we create pods named "RegionOne" and "Pod1" for top OpenStack(Tricircle) and bottom OpenStack. Tricircle API service will automatically create a aggregate when user creates a bottom pod, so command "nova aggregate-list" will show the following result:

| Id | Name     | Availability Zone |
| 1  | ag_Pod1  | az1               |
  • 7 Create necessary resources to boot a virtual machine.
nova flavor-create test 1 1024 10 1
neutron net-create net1
neutron subnet-create net1
glance image-list

Note that flavor mapping has not been implemented yet so the created flavor is just a database record and actually flavor in bottom OpenStack with the same id will be used.

  • 8 Boot a virtual machine.
nova boot --flavor 1 --image $image_id --nic net-id=$net_id --availability-zone az1 vm1
  • 9 Create, list, show and delete volume.
cinder --debug create --availability-zone=az1 1
cinder --debug list
cinder --debug show $volume_id
cinder --debug delete $volume_id
cinder --debug list