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yinxiulin 67afce7e26 Nova_APIGW Server Action Support(part1)
1. What is the problem
   The current Nova_APIGW does not support following server actions:
   os-start: Start server
   os-stop: Stop server
   lock: Locks a server
   unlock: Unlocks a locked server
   pause: Pause server
   unpause: Unpause server
   resume: Resumes a suspended server and changes its status to ACTIVE
   suspend: Suspend a server
   shelve: Shelves a server
   unshelve: Shelves a server
   shelveOffload: Shelf-offloads, or removes, a shelved server
   migrate: Migrates a server to a host. The scheduler chooses the host.
   forceDelete: Force-deletes a server before deferred cleanup
   trigger_crash_dump: Trigger a crash dump in a server

2. What is the solution to the problem
   Implement the above server action

3. What the features need to be implemented to the Tricircle
   to realize the solution
   Add the above server action

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