RETIRED, Tricircle is to provide networking automation across Neutron.
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The Tricircle is a dedicated project for networking automation across
Neutron in OpenStack multi-region deployment.
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* List networks
* Create network
* Show network details
* Delete network
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* List subnets
* Create subnet
* Show subnet details
* Delete subnet
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* List ports
* Create port
* Show port details
* Delete port
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* List routers
* Create router
* Show router details
* Delete router
* Add interface to router
* Delete interface from router
* List floating IPs
* Create floating IP
* Show floating IP details
* Update floating IP
* Delete floating IP
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Security Group
* List security groups
* Create security group
* Show security group details
* List security group rules
* Create security group rule
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Note for Networking
* Only Local Network and Shared VLAN network supported. Shared
VLAN is the only L2 network type which supports cross
Neutron L2 networking and the bridge network for L3 networking.
* Pagination and sort are not supported at the same time for list
* For security group rule, remote group not supported yet. Use IP
prefix to create security group rule.
* Need to specify the region name as the availability zone hint for
external network creation, that means the external network will
be located in the specified region.
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