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Cinder create volume from image bug

Openstack cascade current is developed based on Icehouse version. While in Icehouse version there is a bug about creating volume from image and uploading volume to image. Please referer to the http links for details. This bug is recommended to fix in cascaded cinder.

Key modules

  • when create volume from image or upload volume to image, cinder will call a function in to check image metadata, while not all the metadata will be included from glance image information. As a result, in the function _extract_attributes included in file,not all the element such as "cheksum" will be validated :



  • openstack icehouse has been installed


We suggest a way to fix the cinder-image-metadata bug. In this section, we will guide you through fix this image metadata bug.

  • Note:

    • Make sure you have an existing installation of Openstack Icehouse.
    • We recommend that you Do backup at least the following files before installation, because they are to be overwritten or modified.
  • Manual Installation as the OpenStack Community suggest

    mofify "output[attr] = getattr(image, attr)" to "output[attr] = getattr(image, attr, None)" in _extract_attributes cinder/image/,Line 434 around