RETIRED, Tricircle is to provide networking automation across Neutron.
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# Script name:
# This script is to verify the installation of Tricircle in cross pod L3 networking.
# It verify both east-west and north-south networks.
# In this script, there are some parameters you need to consider before running it.
# 1, Post URL whether is or something else,
# 2, This script creates 2 subnets and, Change these if needed.
# 3, This script creates external subnet ext-net, Change it according to
# your own environment.
# 4, The floating ip attached to the VM with ip, created by the script
# "", modify it according to your own environment.
# Change the parameters according to your own environment.
# Finally, execute "" in the Node1.
# Author: Pengfei Shi <>
set -o xtrace
echo "Test work directory is $TEST_DIR."
if [ ! -r ];then
set -o xtrace
echo "Your work directory doesn't have,"
echo "Please check whether you are in tricircle/devstack/ or not and run this script."
exit 1
echo "Beginning the verify testing..."
echo "Import client environment variables:"
source $TEST_DIR/
echo "******************************"
echo "* Verify Endpoint *"
echo "******************************"
echo "List openstack endpoint:"
openstack --debug endpoint list
token=$(openstack token issue | awk 'NR==5 {print $4}')
echo $token
openstack multiregion networking pod create --region-name RegionOne
openstack multiregion networking pod create --region-name Pod1 --availability-zone az1
openstack multiregion networking pod create --region-name Pod2 --availability-zone az2
echo "******************************"
echo "* Verify Nova *"
echo "******************************"
echo "Show nova aggregate:"
nova aggregate-list
neutron net-create --availability-zone-hint az1 net1
neutron net-create --availability-zone-hint az2 net2
echo "Create external network ext-net:"
neutron net-create --router:external --provider:network_type vlan --provider:physical_network extern --availability-zone-hint Pod2 ext-net
echo "Create test flavor:"
nova flavor-create test 1 1024 10 1
echo "******************************"
echo "* Verify Neutron *"
echo "******************************"
echo "Create external subnet with floating ips:"
neutron subnet-create --name ext-subnet --disable-dhcp ext-net --allocation-pool start=,end= --gateway
echo "Create router for subnets:"
neutron router-create router
echo "Set router external gateway:"
neutron router-gateway-set router ext-net
echo "Create net1 in Node1:"
neutron subnet-create net1
echo "Create net2 in Node2:"
neutron subnet-create net2
net1_id=$(neutron net-list |grep net1 | awk '{print $2}')
net2_id=$(neutron net-list |grep net2 | awk '{print $2}')
image_id=$(glance image-list |awk 'NR==4 {print $2}')
echo "Boot vm1 in az1:"
nova boot --flavor 1 --image $image_id --nic net-id=$net1_id --availability-zone az1 vm1
echo "Boot vm2 in az2:"
nova boot --flavor 1 --image $image_id --nic net-id=$net2_id --availability-zone az2 vm2
subnet1_id=$(neutron net-list |grep net1 |awk '{print $6}')
subnet2_id=$(neutron net-list |grep net2 |awk '{print $6}')
echo "Add interface of subnet1:"
neutron router-interface-add router $subnet1_id
echo "Add interface of subnet2:"
neutron router-interface-add router $subnet2_id
echo "******************************"
echo "* Verify VNC connection *"
echo "******************************"
echo "Get the VNC url of vm1:"
nova --os-region-name Pod1 get-vnc-console vm1 novnc
echo "Get the VNC url of vm2:"
nova --os-region-name Pod2 get-vnc-console vm2 novnc
echo "**************************************"
echo "* Verify External network *"
echo "**************************************"
echo "Create floating ip:"
neutron floatingip-create ext-net
echo "Show floating ips:"
neutron floatingip-list
echo "Show neutron ports:"
neutron port-list
floatingip_id=$(neutron floatingip-list | awk 'NR==4 {print $2}')
port_id=$(neutron port-list |grep |awk '{print $2}')
echo "Associate floating ip:"
neutron floatingip-associate $floatingip_id $port_id