Use py3 for libselinux / libsemanage in Cent 7/8

Molecule removed support for py2, but it continues to work
on centos-7.8 via python36. We no longer need py2 for Cent7
but trying to install the py2 version of these packages
causes Cent7 bug this patch closes.

Change-Id: I9806ce4ab9be81cd6bfc0f8ec840fd16a357528b
Closes-Bug: #1885331
John Fulton 2020-06-30 10:40:43 -04:00
parent ac97b82480
commit 15bbf6d176
1 changed files with 6 additions and 5 deletions

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@ -25,11 +25,12 @@ PyYAML [platform:rpm !platform:rhel-8 !platform:centos-8]
python3-pyyaml [platform:rpm !platform:rhel-7 !platform:centos-7]
python3-dnf [platform:rpm !platform:rhel-7 !platform:centos-7]
# For SELinux
libselinux-python [platform:rpm !platform:rhel-8 !platform:centos-8]
libsemanage-python [platform:redhat !platform:rhel-8 !platform:centos-8]
libselinux-python3 [platform:rpm !platform:rhel-7 !platform:centos-7]
libsemanage-python3 [platform:redhat !platform:rhel-7 !platform:centos-7]
# SELinux cent7
libselinux-python3 [platform:rpm !platform:rhel-8 !platform:centos-8]
libsemanage-python3 [platform:redhat !platform:rhel-8 !platform:centos-8]
# SELinux cent8
python3-libselinux [platform:rpm !platform:rhel-7 !platform:centos-7]
python3-libsemanage [platform:redhat !platform:rhel-7 !platform:centos-7]
# Required for compressing collected log files in CI