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Merge "Implement run_once" into stable/train

Zuul 1 month ago
committed by Gerrit Code Review
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tripleo_ansible/ansible_plugins/strategy/ View File

@@ -36,6 +36,13 @@ DOCUMENTATION = '''
- Will fail playbook if any hosts have a failure during the
execution and any_errors_fatal is true (free does not do this).
- Should be backwards compatible for Ansible 2.8
- Handles run_once to only invoke the task a single time for a
given run. It should be noted that run_once does not ensure the
task actually is successful but rather that it is only triggered
once time for the host groups. If the task fails, the playbook
will fail at the end of the play but there is no assurance that
the task will actually complete successfully for a given playbook
execution. Other tasks will continue on the other hosts.
version_added: "2.9"
author: Alex Schultz <>
@@ -70,6 +77,7 @@ class StrategyModule(StrategyBase):
self._play_context = None
self._strat_results = []
self._workers_free = 0
self._run_once_tasks = set()
# these were defined in 2.9
self._has_hosts_cache = False
self._has_hosts_cache_all = False
@@ -198,13 +206,23 @@ class StrategyModule(StrategyBase):
run_once = (templar.template(task.run_once) or action
and getattr(action, 'BYPASS_HOST_LOOP', False))

# TODO(mwhahaha): make it work by caching it across all hosts
if run_once:
display.warning('tripleo_free run_once does not ensure a task '
'is successful for a given playbook but rather '
'it is only attempted to execute once.')
if action and getattr(action, 'BYPASS_HOST_LOOP', False):
raise AnsibleError('Cannot bypass host loop with strategy')
display.warning("Using run_once does not work with the"
"tripleo_free strategy")
if task._uuid in self._run_once_tasks:
# If the task was previously executed, just drop it
# by clearing the blocked host and telling the parent
# function to continue.
self._debug("Skipping run_once task {} on {}".format(
task._uuid, host))
del self._blocked_hosts[host_name]
raise TripleoFreeContinue()

# handle role deduplication logic
if task._role and task._role.has_run(host):