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.. ansibleautoplugin::
:role: tripleo_ansible/roles/tripleo-keystone-resources


This Ansible role allows to do the following tasks:

* Manage /etc/openstack/clouds.yaml in order to configure `openstacksdk`_.
If /etc/openstack/clouds.yaml already exists with some config, the role
will only add new config without removing what was there before;
however it will modify an existing config if it changed.
Example: "undercloud" cloud is already configured in clouds.yaml and a new
"overcloud" config is given to the role. clouds.yaml will now contain both
configs. However if a new config is given later for "undercloud" and/or
"overcloud", with e.g. new credentials, the configs will be updated
The task has two parameters: `tripleo_keystone_resources_cloud_name` which
is the name of the cloud and `tripleo_keystone_resources_cloud_config` which
is the cloud config, defined by `openstacksdk`_.
Here is an example of a task which would configure the "overcloud" cloud in

.. code-block:: YAML

- name: Configure /etc/openstack/clouds.yaml
name: tripleo-keystone-resources
tasks_from: clouds
tripleo_keystone_resources_cloud_name: overcloud
auth_url: https://keystone-public:5000
password: verysecrete
project_domain_name: Default
project_name: admin
user_domain_name: Default
username: admin
identity_api_version: '3'
region_name: RegionOne

* Manage Keystone resources like: projects, domains, services, endpoints,
roles, users and roles assignements.
The resources are split by playbook, so they can be individually used.
The `main` playbook will call them all, by starting with the `admin`
playbook which manages things like: default domain, admin and service
projects, admin role and _member_ role if
`tripleo_keystone_resources_member_role_enabled` is set to true (needed by
Horizon), admin user and its assignements to the roles, identity service and
the three endpoints (public, internal and admin).
The rest of the `main` playbook will create the resources according to what
is defined in `tripleo_keystone_resources_catalog_config`.
The `tripleo_keystone_resources_catalog_config` interface is documented later
in this manual.
The Keystone resources are created by using the OpenStack Ansible modules,
and therefore the openstacksdk. To make it faster, we use `async`_ and batch
the data by `10`. It can be changed with `tripleo_keystone_resources_batch`.
Here is an example of a task which would configure the Keystone resources
(with an small example of catalog config with only Neutron resources):

.. code-block:: YAML

- name: Manage Keystone resources for OpenStack services
name: tripleo-keystone-resources
public: https://neutron-admin:9696
internal: https://neutron-admin:9696
admin: https://neutron-admin:9696
password: secrete_neutron
region: RegionOne
service: 'network'
tripleo_keystone_resources_service_project: 'service'
tripleo_keystone_resources_cloud_name: overcloud
tripleo_keystone_resources_region: RegionOne
tripleo_keystone_resources_admin_endpoint: https://keystone-admin:35357
tripleo_keystone_resources_public_endpoint: https://keystone-public:5000
tripleo_keystone_resources_internal_endpoint: https://keystone-internal:500
tripleo_keystone_resources_admin_password: verysecrete

Roles variables

| Name | Default Value | Description |
| tripleo_keystone_resources_cloud_name | openstack | OpenStack cloud name |
| tripleo_keystone_resources_cloud_config | {} | OpenStack Cloud config |
| tripleo_keystone_resources_clouds_file_path | /etc/openstack/clouds.yaml | File path for clouds.yaml |
| tripleo_keystone_resources_clouds_file_owner | root | File owner for clouds.yaml |
| tripleo_keystone_resources_clouds_file_group | root | File group for clouds.yaml |
| tripleo_keystone_resources_clouds_file_mode | '0600' | File mode for clouds.yaml |
| tripleo_keystone_resources_catalog_config | {} | Cloud catalog config |
| tripleo_keystone_resources_member_role_enabled | false | Manage _member_ role |
| tripleo_keystone_resources_batch | 10 | How many Keystone |
| | | resources do we manage at |
| | | the same time |

Keystone resources catalog config

The `tripleo_keystone_resources_catalog_config` parameter defines the
Keystone resources that we want to create.

The data type has to be a dictionary where:

* The (required) key is the service name and must be unique in the deployment.

* The (optional) `endpoints` contains three keys: public, internal and admin;
which define each endpoint type.

* The (optional) `users` contains the users required by the service.
Most of the services will have one defined user with its password but
a second user or more can be provided with specific roles and domain.
If a user has multiple roles, the user role assignment will be done for each
role into either a project (default to service) or a domain if defined.

* The (required if endpoints are needed) `region` defines the OpenStack region
in which the endpoints are created.

* The (required if endpoints are needed) `service` defines the service type
name for the service that is deployed.
Note that it's important to read the service documentation to know what
service type should be used, or the service won't be discoverable by
OpenStack clients.

* The (optional) `roles` is a list that contains the extra roles that will be

* The (optional) `domains` is a list that contains the extra domains that will
be created.

Here is an advanced example for Heat API resources:

.. code-block:: YAML

public: https://neutron-public:8004
internal: https://neutron-internal:8004
admin: https://neutron-admin:8004
password: secrete_heat
password: secret_heat_domain
- admin
domain: heat_stack
region: RegionOne
service: 'orchestration'
- heat_stack_user
- heat_stack

.. _openstacksdk:
.. _async: