Update doc config and installation information

The conf.py file had the wrong date, we moved this to 2019 for correctness.

The installation process only references using yum and dnf now.

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@ -42,7 +42,7 @@ master_doc = 'index'
# General information about the project.
project = u'tripleo-ansible'
copyright = u'2013, OpenStack Foundation'
copyright = u'2019, OpenStack Foundation'
# If true, '()' will be appended to :func: etc. cross-reference text.
add_function_parentheses = True

@ -2,15 +2,11 @@
At the command line::
At the command line using `yum`::
$ pip install tripleo-ansible
Or, if you have virtualenvwrapper installed::
$ yum install tripleo-ansible
$ python -m virtualenv tripleo-ansible
$ pip install tripleo-ansible
Or, using the package manager::
At the command line using `dnf`::
$ yum install tripleo-ansible
$ dnf install tripleo-ansible