Fix compatibility issue in tripleo callback

The default callback sets some compatibility options but does not
properly do it in both the ways that are used. The show_per_host_start
is a compatibility option but the default callback uses get_option(...)
which checks for the existance in _plugin_options. Since it is not
defined there, the callback fails hard and the function no longer works.
This change adds our own compatibility layer to ensure the compatibility
options are set in _plugin_options until we can get a fix upstream.

Change-Id: I476aee9863ad63ce6d7ccf9350dae8540a37f017
Closes-Bug: #1895571
Alex Schultz 2 years ago
parent 64fdb4e8c9
commit 7eca0c70e3
  1. 16

@ -16,9 +16,25 @@ __metaclass__ = type
from ansible import constants as C
from ansible.plugins.callback.default import CallbackModule as BASE
from ansible.plugins.callback.default import COMPAT_OPTIONS
class CallbackModule(BASE):
def set_options(self, task_keys=None, var_options=None, direct=None):
super(CallbackModule, self).set_options(task_keys=task_keys,
# NOTE(mwhahaha): work around for bug in ansible's default callback
# where it sets the attr on the object but not in the plugin options
# for the compatibility options. Need to submit this upstream.
for option, constant in COMPAT_OPTIONS:
value = self.get_option(option)
except (AttributeError, KeyError):
value = constant
if option not in self._plugin_options:
self._plugin_options[option] = value
def v2_runner_retry(self, result):
task_name = result.task_name or result._task
retry_count = result._result['retries'] - result._result['attempts']