Refetch task

When we grab the task to execute, use the one we fetch to advance the
host rather than the peeked version.

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Alex Schultz 2020-07-31 08:31:14 -06:00
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@ -179,10 +179,8 @@ class StrategyModule(BASE.TripleoBase):
# that have tasks in queue
self._blocked_hosts[host_name] = True
# we already have the task and state from our peek call so we don't
# need these again. This call just pops it of the task list for the
# host.
(_, _) = self._iterator.get_next_task_for_host(host)
# Refetch the task without peek
(_, task) = self._iterator.get_next_task_for_host(host)
action = self._get_action(task)