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Sandeep Yadav 7886317257 Module: tripleo_unprovision_network and cli playbook 6 months ago
Francesco Pantano 0f40d4b439 Add tripleo_ceph_distribute_keys role 1 month ago
Sagi Shnaidman ca25921504 Use podman collection instead of podman* modules 3 months ago
yogananth subramanian 4983761dc4 Add support for pmd auto balance parameters in open_vswitch 3 months ago
Kamil Sambor 84e1781888 Enable DPDK OVS PMD Auto Load Balance 3 months ago
Carlos Goncalves f1ecdd02c1 Add tripleo_ovn_cluster role 5 months ago
Harald Jensås 29253dab6a Add module to populate net VIPs environment 4 months ago
Harald Jensås 7dc34d72ef Add module to provision net VIPs 4 months ago
Harald Jensås de1e9d5a3a Add module and cli to extract net VIPs 4 months ago
Harald Jensås d48af77c95 OVN mac address ports ansible module 4 months ago
Chris Sibbitt 1ad1e6d727 Ansible for metrics QDR 6 months ago
John Fulton f223beb240 Introduce ceph_spec_bootstrap module 5 months ago
Francesco Pantano 158481b8ea
Deploy RGW, MDS, Ganesha and Ceph Dashboard using cephadm 6 months ago
Emma Foley 9ebb8b20b7 Ansible for collectd 5 months ago
Michael Johnson 9f3af7d10c Add tripleo_unbound role 6 months ago
Francesco Pantano dc5d83733f
Introduce tripleo_run_cephadm role and cephadm playbook 6 months ago
ramishra ded71758e2 Remove cli-generate-overcloudrc.yaml playbook 5 months ago
John Fulton 9f28e37aeb
Introduce tripleo_cephadm role 6 months ago
ramishra abd58b72b6 Cleanup derive parameters playbooks and modules 6 months ago
ramishra 12c7014aeb Remove plan parameter update playbook 6 months ago
ramishra 9770522d3a Remove all ununsed plan related playbooks 6 months ago
Francesco Pantano 9359639940
Introducing TripleO ceph client role 9 months ago
Harald Jensås abb1a56106 Provision workflow managed/unmanaged node support 9 months ago
Harald Jensås 7aefbb550c Populate network ports env module 8 months ago
Harald Jensås c94945ae6b Network ports module 9 months ago
Ade Lee de98a36b35 Add tripleo_update_trusted_cas role 1 year ago
Harald Jensås c73cabb3a5 Module: tripleo_network_populate_environment 9 months ago
Harald Jensås c4ef836b88 Module: tripleo_composable_network 9 months ago
Alan Bishop 1af2cde366 Add tripleo_multipathd role 11 months ago
Steve Baker 77aea69355 Use metalsmith version of metalsmith_instances 10 months ago
Giulio Fidente 696814e296 Add tripleo-lvmfilter role to restrict visible block devices for LVM2 2 years ago
Juan Badia Payno 31eec764da BaR doc update + lftp missing package 10 months ago
Harald Jensås 7cb4304a76 Extract provisioned networks from stack 11 months ago
Emilien Macchi a4d205f378 Ansible interface for os-net-config 11 months ago
Harald Jensås c7340675bf doc: tripleo_os_net_config_mappings module 11 months ago
John Fulton 75afb950a5 Introduce module tripleo_derive_hci_parameters 11 months ago
Alex Schultz a19b9195fc Add tripleo_nodes_validation role 11 months ago
Michele Baldessari d5782863b8 Add tripleo_ha_wrapper role 1 year ago
Rabi Mishra e03f6bb595 Add new playbook for container image prepare cli 11 months ago
Rabi Mishra 1b93165288 Expose tripleo_container_manage_clean_orphans var 11 months ago
Alex Schultz f55f218535 Add tripleo_deploy_artifacts 11 months ago
Alex Schultz 5702b7ba3d Add tripleo_diff_exec module 11 months ago
Emilien Macchi bfc2681ad5 tripleo_container_configs module 12 months ago
Emilien Macchi b6f979ca1e Create tripleo_container_config_scripts module 12 months ago
Alex Schultz 8099218faa Create a role for network config 12 months ago
Rabi Mishra 93cb472162 Add ansible module for container image prepare 12 months ago
John Fulton f896cc19cb Document how to use TRIPLEO_JOB_ANSIBLE_ARGS 1 year ago
Emilien Macchi fe45611870 Remove paunch module 1 year ago
Andreas Jaeger 9ea838c19a Switch to newer openstackdocstheme and reno versions 1 year ago
Juan Badia Payno 4f12aeb3c1 BaR - Export ceph authentication 1 year ago