9 Commits (168541b0de56f12196c47f3a57824330c11f2118)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Sagi Shnaidman 2aecb0131c Add --no-stream to all tripleo-repos in molecule jobs 5 months ago
Francesco Pantano 5ab03f393b
Introduce the network(s) parameter in the ceph spec module 6 months ago
Francesco Pantano 0c40adf136
Configure crush rules according to the detected device classes 6 months ago
John Fulton f223beb240 Introduce ceph_spec_bootstrap module 7 months ago
Francesco Pantano 158481b8ea
Deploy RGW, MDS, Ganesha and Ceph Dashboard using cephadm 8 months ago
Sorin Sbarnea af40f9ff8e Upgrade ansible-lint to 5.0 8 months ago
Sorin Sbarnea 05f6e7f388 Empty playbooks are not valid 6 months ago
John Fulton 9f28e37aeb
Introduce tripleo_cephadm role 8 months ago