3 Commits (2aecb0131c4b1394ea37e4a01fcc47db84a2c2cf)

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Sagi Shnaidman 2aecb0131c Add --no-stream to all tripleo-repos in molecule jobs 5 months ago
Kevin Carter c28dde7469
Use the UBI8 image for testing 1 year ago
Kevin Carter 67ce344e30 Rename all roles that have a hyphen 2 years ago
Sagi Shnaidman 7b6bd68569 Logindefs role in tripleo-ansible 2 years ago
Kevin Carter 6a4f0b56a1 Add basic role skeleton and doc it 2 years ago
Kevin Carter 4403a163d4
Add update lint jobs using pre-commit 2 years ago