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Francesco Pantano 9359639940
Introducing TripleO ceph client role 2 years ago
Kevin Carter c28dde7469
Use the UBI8 image for testing 2 years ago
Kevin Carter 74f2f81870 Convert docker molecule usage to podman 2 years ago
Emilien Macchi b3ba0be231 (follow-up) run check mode for more molecule tests 3 years ago
Sagi Shnaidman 47f229b41f Add CI proxy settings to role skeleton 3 years ago
Sorin Sbarnea c7006fc49d Upgrade molecule to 3.0 3 years ago
Kevin Carter db3692bd5e
Convert all of the fedora28 container usage to centos8 3 years ago
Kevin Carter 6a4f0b56a1 Add basic role skeleton and doc it 3 years ago