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Author SHA1 Message Date
Kevin Carter 65e6e5b035 Ensure that the playbooks and roles can display debug data when enabled 2 years ago
Alex Schultz c3b57d6a6c Improve facter cache reliability 2 years ago
Kevin Carter 67ce344e30 Rename all roles that have a hyphen 3 years ago
Alex Schultz cfe4f38b59 Create role to do puppet cache actions 3 years ago
James Slagle bc6ccf2240 Fix typo in skeleton role 3 years ago
Kevin Carter bc9fe7f827
Create tripleo container image prepare role 3 years ago
Emilien Macchi 96b9fc6540
Introduce tripleo-config role 3 years ago
Sagi Shnaidman 0ddf709179 Fix documentation and skeleton role 3 years ago
Kevin Carter 7ce3a92ff5
Update the _skeleton_ role for proper file generation 3 years ago
Kevin Carter 6a4f0b56a1 Add basic role skeleton and doc it 3 years ago
Kevin Carter 4403a163d4
Add update lint jobs using pre-commit 3 years ago