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10 Commits (746bd9a52b2a4288af705f161ec41736a4e3b5e3)

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Alex Schultz 746bd9a52b Fix host entries permissions 3 years ago
Damien Ciabrini 7761249774 Preserve inode when updating /etc/hosts 3 years ago
Jose Luis Franco Arza 4578d6d61c Change Ansible group from overcloud to allovercloud. 3 years ago
Cédric Jeanneret 75ed35c46a Rework how we push the content in the file 3 years ago
Harald Jensås 997cb781bd Only add host entries for role_networks 3 years ago
Cédric Jeanneret 4697301965 Also use enabled_networks 3 years ago
Luke Short 76fd2eaacc Insert hosts entries to the beginning of the file. 3 years ago
Luke Short dac34d302c Generate the /etc/hosts content once. 3 years ago
Kevin Carter 67ce344e30 Rename all roles that have a hyphen 3 years ago