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Juan Badia Payno a930407217 BaR - Ceph Backup
Backup and Restore:
  This task aims to take a backup of the /var/lib/ceph directory and
copied to the shared directory.
  To be able to do it, we copy the way that the ceph-ansible project [1]
deactivates the mds [2], so we can stop all the ceph services on the


I left the comment below to describe and give some backgroud.
** Just splitting the patch into patches.
All the Randy's comments are implemented.
The other patch is

Change-Id: I55681d69cacf2e7bee52d9a61f12d8577fe15a2d
3 years ago
Juan Badia Payno 4f12aeb3c1 BaR - Export ceph authentication
This patch export the ceph authentication just in case the mons
need to be rebuild from scratch

Change-Id: I1f54674d6491d3b4c1565928894db1be8b498873
3 years ago
Kevin Carter 65e6e5b035 Ensure that the playbooks and roles can display debug data when enabled
This change will enable or disable no_log and debug options whenever the
verbosity is set to an integer greater than 2. This will ensure operators and
deployers are best equipped to troubleshoot issues by dynamically providing
additional data in an expected way. To ensure we're able to differentiate
between output masking and security masking, two options were used to enable or
disable no_log across our roles and playbooks.

> All debug options, without security implications, will now react to the
  `ansible_verbosity` built in by default. Changes have been made to our
  skeleton role to ensure this is enforced on all new roles created going

> An additional prefixed role option, `*_hide_sensitive_logs`, has been added to
  allow operators to easily toggle sensitive output when required. The role
  prefixed variables will respond to the global option `hide_sensitive_logs` as
  defined in THT which will ensure a consistent user experience.

Depends-On: I84f3982811ade59bac5ebaf3a124f9bfa6fa22a4
Change-Id: Ia6658110326899107a0e277f0d2574c79a8a820b
Signed-off-by: Kevin Carter <>
3 years ago
Kevin Carter 74f2f81870 Convert docker molecule usage to podman
This change updates all uses of docker to podman and removes our docker
installation process from zuul and our local test process. Some container
based tests have been moved to "delegated" becuase they no longer make
sense to run in a container and the hacks needed to maintain the container
based testing are not worth maintaining for podman.

Change-Id: I02de94a1229bfa847f14ecf282eadbcfe6396875
Signed-off-by: Kevin Carter <>
3 years ago
toure 9b26f440d3 Add service management support.
The current role for backup and restore will need service
management to insure that all running services on the nodes
are stopped and restarted in order to capture a consistent state.
This change also includes database dump functionality which will
allow the operator to create a clean backup of the database.

Change-Id: Ic75f40a750880be4ea00ed79de4575cdbbe0f190
3 years ago
Kevin Carter 67ce344e30 Rename all roles that have a hyphen
All roles that have a hyphen in them need to be renamed to use an
underscore. This change creates a symlink to all roles using their
original name which will ensure we maintain compatibility with
the rest of the TripleO stack. This is being done because roles with
hyphens are no longer valid within collections.

A temp PBR update has been made to accomodate all of the symlinks to
the legacy role names.


Change-Id: Id00a3670351990e5489a297c4c7200f8c05af096
Signed-off-by: Kevin Carter <>
3 years ago