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Juan Badia Payno 8d837d2c2f bar: Spelling type fixed on authentication word
Change-Id: I25c0ef24fb2e27337bf06d029a8591dd2755ddb0
3 years ago
Juan Badia Payno ad2c7b5892 BaR Ceph authenticacion more ansible way
Instead of execute a command and redirect the output to a file.
This patch gets the output of the command line and writes it
to a file.

Also fixed the molecule-backup_and_restore test

Change-Id: Ie38d8b9fce36ce2f73a2811072e53f405f1367f6
3 years ago
Juan Badia Payno 4f12aeb3c1 BaR - Export ceph authentication
This patch export the ceph authentication just in case the mons
need to be rebuild from scratch

Change-Id: I1f54674d6491d3b4c1565928894db1be8b498873
3 years ago