2 Commits (8d408f48dad329957b5e230aabfe50edb265020b)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Juan Badia Payno 994d331095 BnR Added a nfs validation when the nfs server is installed 5 months ago
Juan Pablo Lopez 4ac33dcdbf Modifying playbooks to support python-tripleoclient B&R commands 8 months ago
Toure eb9c4944a9 Adding playbook support for changes coming to python-tripleoclient. 1 year ago
Kevin Carter 65e6e5b035 Ensure that the playbooks and roles can display debug data when enabled 2 years ago
Bogdan Dobrelya a88a3d6953 Hide passwords better 1 year ago
Kevin Carter a9ce6766e9
Remove mistral cli from the backup playbook 2 years ago
Kevin Carter b3f7318047
Update cli playbooks with new pattern 2 years ago
Kevin Carter ef9b5986e2
Rename undercloud-backup playbook 2 years ago
apetrich edfe84f274 Add the undercloud backup ansible playbook 2 years ago