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John Fulton d762e27dc7 Add molecule test structure to ceph roles
Add molecule test structure for each ceph role. Also
add missing doc/*tripleo-ceph-*.rst files.

Local test setup changes have been made in support of
these roles.

Change-Id: I43b828d5c892a0b33c7a3cbae4034267ce493dc0
Task: 34717
Task: 34718
Task: 34719
Task: 34720
Story: 2006041
Signed-off-by: Kevin Carter <>
4 years ago
Kevin Carter 09b1805e5f Convert tox to native zuul
This change converts the TripleO-Ansible test process to using native zuul.
After a long discussion about the current test process [0] it has been
determined that most folks using tox do so on a local workstation and
would not expect the local system to be modified when envoked.

To ensure we're not creating a situation where a developer runs tox with a
job that may require modifications of the system the current test
structure has been replaced with a native zuul `base` job.

> This change opens the door for us to add tox jobs later which may be
  added in support of the native jobs we're running now.

> The test_json_error role was updated to set required configuration
  for that specific role, which was being passed in via tox before.

Documentation has been added to the contributing section to highlight
the role development process and how folks can test things locally using
a script which will mimic the zuul job runtime.

[0] -

Change-Id: Ia1f3d479f3ac447d125169d08c78aaccfeacea3a
Signed-off-by: Kevin Carter <>
4 years ago
Kevin Carter 7c23a01bd7
Enforce testing consistency
The upstream OpenStack gate installs docker using the "install-docker"
from within the zuul-jobs repository. To ensure we're able to test role
consistently this change removes our internal docker install tasks
and simply uses the role as provided by zuul.

All of the requirements we were installing for molecule via built in
tox configuration  have all been moved to the unmanaged requirements
file, "molecule-requirements.txt". This file will ensure anything we
install in a virtual-environment is consistent throughout our stack.

The `run-local-test` script has been added to the scripts directory
allowing local development to be setup and executed with minimal,
to no, pre-configuration or setup. This script and its usage has
been documented in the contributing guide.

Change-Id: If7d1ba7e59a1d6918d9606c9df8bfad21c0c47da
Signed-off-by: Kevin Carter <>
4 years ago
Kevin Carter db2486e74f Add bindep to the repository
This change adds a bindep file and install script which will allow
developers to quickly identify and install system requirements on
test machines.

Change-Id: I68e978c9414119a743431eb59be4771db4b96cd0
Signed-off-by: Kevin Carter <>
4 years ago