6 Commits (a20f32cc40666409f439b5ac46306dd9cb974087)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Francesco Pantano a20f32cc40 Add the networks parameter to the monitoring stack components 4 months ago
John Fulton 564453721d Limit cephadm private key distribution to mons/mgrs 4 months ago
Francesco Pantano 417588a589 Allow tripleo_cephadm to process tls info when provided 5 months ago
John Fulton f223beb240 Introduce ceph_spec_bootstrap module 7 months ago
Francesco Pantano 158481b8ea
Deploy RGW, MDS, Ganesha and Ceph Dashboard using cephadm 8 months ago
Francesco Pantano dc5d83733f
Introduce tripleo_run_cephadm role and cephadm playbook 8 months ago