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Harald Jensås 6bd7eeb7cc Add os-net-config mappings support
Adds an ansible plug-in that can process the input
in THT parameter 'NetConfigDataLookup' used for the
OsNetConfigMappings resource in tripleo-heat-templates.

Add tasks in the tripleo_network_config role to call the
plug-in and write the result into the default mapping
file for os-net-config.

Change-Id: I968771376cdb3cd2e8e576a4de226b1eccebb23a
Blueprint: bp/nova-less-deploy
3 years ago
Alex Schultz 8099218faa Create a role for network config
Port the NetworkConfig logic out of THT/common/deploy-steps.j2 to a role
that we can molecule test and improve.

Change-Id: Iab1e98d4cc3eb53da5fe17cea418b1b555bb8263
3 years ago